Lake Mary and MaitlandThird Annual Women in Business Mentoring Luncheon Mentors and Mentees

Digital Risk’s Third Annual Women in Business Mentoring Luncheon

Diversity Week – Women in Business Mentoring Luncheon

In honor of Diversity Week held by Mphasis, Digital Risk’s parent company, and the International Women’s Day on March 8th, Digital Risk hosted a companywide “Women in Business Mentoring Luncheon” on Thursday, March 10th.

Lake Mary and MaitlandThird Annual Women in Business Mentoring Luncheon Mentors and Mentees

Lake Mary and Maitland Mentors and Mentees

This is the third annual women’s luncheon hosted by Digital Risk, which aims to create a forum for businesswomen to participate in a 90-minute discussion on how women leaders can drive the company, impact the mortgage industry, and support each other. This particular luncheon brought together businesswomen Mentors and Mentees from the Maitland, Lake Mary, Jacksonville, Boca Raton and Denver office for a welcome speech from CEO & Managing Partner Sesha Dhanyamraju; a women’s leadership panel with Chief Legal Officer Debbie Hoffman, SVP of GRC Rose Bogan, VP of Marketing & PR Kim Lanham, and VP of Quality & Training Traci Cox; and mentorship coaching sessions held at each office. Manager of Marketing & PR Bridget Brennan organized and co-hosted the event, along with co-host Manager of Human Resources Amy Huff.

“This event was a wonderful opportunity for Digital Risk leaders to share their experiences and leadership advice with the company’s future leadership,” said Bridget Brennan. “I truly enjoyed seeing the women connect, learn from each other, and build stronger, supportive relationships.”

The coaching sessions were the highlight of the event, considering that Mentees were able to meet with various Mentors of their choosing for 12-minute to 40-minute coaching sessions. During the coaching sessions, Mentees, which included Manager-level and above team members from each office, were able to seek advice on topics from leadership development to work/life balance from Mentors at their office.

“Digital Risk does a great job in celebrating our diversity and the contributions of our female workforce,” said Mentor and Panelist Kim Lanham. “I feel that by participating in this event, all Mentees and Mentors came out more empowered to make a difference.”

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with and learn from the successes of our women leaders during the panel event and mentoring sessions,” said Karrie Slocum of Client Services, Mentee. “Hearing words of encouragement from Sesha and leadership advice from the Panelists and Mentors was truly intriguing as well.”

Mentors included Debbie Hoffman, Kim Lanham, Traci Cox, VP of Originations & Secondary Amy Randall, Advisory Services Director Jamie Shue, Advisory Services Director Shereena Goodson, and Advisory Services Director Staci Brazalovich in Lake Mary. Rose Bogan and Sr. Director & LOB Leader of Servicing Sheila Latiff led two 20-minute coaching sessions in Jacksonville. And Advisory Services Director Cristina Hernandez and Sr. Manager of Servicing Shauna Naous led one 40-minute coaching session in Boca and Denver, respectively.

“What I like most about the Luncheon was being able to network and meet other women leaders at Digital Risk,” said Jr. Staff Attorney Diane Pham, Mentee. “The opportunity to meet people who I have never met or only known of was a great experience. It was nice to get an insight of their journey and career paths within the company. I think Sesha’s insight about the skills that we have now that will become irrelevant in 2020 is a true reality of things to come. What I took from it was to be flexible and open in order to change with the times.”

In all, there were 65 attendees at the companywide event, including the 11 Mentors, 4 Panelists and the honored guest, Sesha Dhanyamraju.

“It was a pleasure to connect with Digital Risk’s women leaders and learn from their successes during the event’s panel session and mentor coaching sessions,” said HR Manager Brenda Mavrides, Mentee. “Hearing from our CEO Sesha and each of the Panelists was also interesting and helpful.”

View more pictures of the Mentoring Luncheon below. Interested in joining a company that values diversity and women-supporting-women initiatives? View our open positions here.


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