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Wendy Jones-Schwartz – D-Risker Just Wants Everyone to Have Fun

If you ask anyone in the Jacksonville office to explain our 7th guiding principle, you would likely hear, “Wendy Jones-Schwartz” in response.  Wendy’s daily mission is to make sure everyone is having fun at Digital Risk.

On any given day, Wendy is caught dishing out smiles, words of encouragement, tidbits of advice and compliments in abundance. Having an impact on the outlook of others, and making sure that “…everyone feels like a part of the whole” is vital to her own ability to enjoy her time at Digital Risk. Get a birthday note in the mail? Yes, you guessed it – it was from Wendy.

fish snacksAlways looking for a way to recognize the accomplishments of others, Wendy says, “It’s important that employees feel honored and blessed to be a part of the Digital Risk family, and we are a family.”  Wendy orchestrated the “You’re o”FISH”ally a Digital Risk Superstar” recognition efforts in support of National Employee Appreciation Day. While everyone loves to be recognized, Wendy’s claims to fame are potluck events, spirit week daily themes, and football kickoffs. “She always finds interesting twists or ways to have fun and encourage office participation,” says fellow D-Risker Justina Mike.

Her ideas at having fun are endless with wacky dress days, lanyard decorating days, green lemonade day, and ready to embrace just about any fun idea that can be imagined, it is little wonder that she is considered the face of Digital Risk Jacksonville.

Her efforts to help others are not limited to the confines of the workplace. She orchestrates and participates in many charitable events; both company sponsored and personal charities of choice. One of the accomplishments that she feels has been most beneficial to her goal of helping others is her work as a crisis counselor. People who are feeling down need to be lifted and Wendy does a lot of lifting.

Some of the Digital Risk events that Wendy has helped orchestra have been the Relay for Life event in May, 2013, the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event in October, 2013, the food drive with Second Harvest, and serving as the primary contact for all of the Jeans for Cause events.

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So what does Wendy have to say about her time at Digital Risk?

Digital Risk: What initially attracted you to Digital Risk?

Wendy: The company seemed innovative and aggressive and they promote from within when at all possible. The focus on how important employees are and the family atmosphere, along with the position being a marriage of my strengths, it was perfect math. Oh, yes, and the charity work that Digital Risk does. They are now helping me to discover my personal charity passions.

Digital Risk: What do you like best about your job?

Wendy: Having contact with all of the employees. Being the face of Jacksonville DR – I have really enjoyed that. I’m fortunate that my position lets me use my previous training to keep things positive and seeing what needs to be done, and then doing it.

wendy tacky dayDigital Risk: How do you want your coworkers to think of you?

Wendy: As a friend, mentor, as someone who can help them with whatever comes their way.

Digital Risk: What are you planning next for Jacksonville?

Wendy: More team building events and opportunities to bring everyone together.

Digital Risk: What words of wisdom do you have for new D-Riskers?

Wendy: Don’t be intimidated by managers. All managers here are open to communication and willing to answer any questions. Everyone has been friendly and very helpful, know that Digital Risk values you as an individual.

Digital Risk: Do you have any personal words of wisdom to share?

Wendy: Don’t let personal challenges rule your life. You have to look for the positive, it might be hard to find sometimes but it’s there, you just have to have faith.



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