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DR’s Ugly Sweater & Elf on a Shelf Contest

D-Riskers were really busy this week meeting their deadlines and simultaneously going over and over the Digital Risk website to find the “DR Elf.” There were over 360 responses to the DR ELF on a Shelf Game, resulting in 56 TIES! So we placed those 56 names in a special hat and let Santa Claus decide our winner. Congratulations to Allison Cotignola, Sr. Project Manager, Business Intelligence at our Maitland office, for becoming our 2016 Elf on a Shelf winner and recipient of the $50 Gift Card!!

The Digital Risk Ugly Sweater Contest, which asked people come wearing sweaters more embarrassing than their cat’s behaviors, saw huge participation across all offices. As such, the contest judges took a long time to reach a decision due to the amazingly hideous quality level of this contest. However, the Judges have spoken with 6 majority votes each out of 10 and crowned our 2016 Male and Female Ugly Sweater Champs… And the winners of the contest, both receiving a $50 Gift Card, are Teresa Kibler, Underwriting Manager at our Maitland office, and Kevin Lordi, Data Capture Analyst at our Lake Mary Office – Many Congratulations to these two and to their ugly sweaters for still being worthy of something!!


Ugly Sweater Winners 2016


Check out pictures of our many Ugly Sweater contestants. Wow, these sweaters sure are… creative!


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