Avenash Leadership Spotlight

That Someone Is You: Meet Avenash Singh

avenash-spotlight-3According to Digital Risk Manager Avenash Singh, one of the reasons he joined Digital Risk in November of 2011 was its unique approach to the mortgage industry and superior reputation as an innovative company. As a licensed appraiser since 2002, he joined the company’s valuation team, Digital Risk Valuation Services. While his background was in appraisals, Avenash collaborated on projects with various departments including forensic mortgage loan review, mortgage loan originations, analytics, and more. Digital Risk’s culture of invention and openness toward ideas has been just the environment for Avenash to thrive, and he feels endlessly fortunate to have learned from the best.

One of his most impactful learnings was imparted on him by Traci Cox, VP, Origination & Secondary. Avenash remembers one moment in particular, “I’d only been here for a few months, and Traci told me,

‘Whenever you see something, and you think someone should do something about this¸ well from now on that someone is you.'”

Avenash SpotlightIt wasn’t long before Avenash took Traci’s “that someone is you” advice and pursued a wide range of changes aimed at improving quality and efficiency on various projects. “At the time I had the attitude that no improvement was too small, and I was somewhat bold early on knowing that I had the full backing of my valuation leadership. In a short period of time, we redefined teams, created new ones, and worked closely with our Digital Risk IT team to implement a ton of technology improvements… Clients would visit and be astounded – they’d tell us, ‘It’s like you are in the space age!'”

So far in 2015, Avenash and fellow D-Riskers have had a thrilling year, helping to manage Digital Risk’s first ever call center for a new Home Equity project. “There’s this vibe on this project that’s just amazing – it’s about staying positive, it’s about brigning our best ideas to the table, and it’s about being brave enough to take the next step, furthering what it means to be the best.” Avenash and his team are truly excited about this project’s potential. “Looking at our streamlined processes, the months of training that Digital Risk team members have completed, and the latest technology developed by our IT team, it’s clear that the company is ready to reach new heights in client satisfaction through operational excellence.”

Avenash Freedom RideSo what is Avenash’s leadership style? “Honestly I’m not very deliberate in maintaining any particular leadership style. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. My favorite thing is creating an opportunitity where a team member can rise to the occasion — this is when they get to execute “that someone is you” philosophy, outperforming their own expectations. This is a little risky at times, but there’s no bigger payoff than when you can support someone’s growth. Now that I think about it, this is a luxury — it’s easy to do this when you have amazing team members, and right now every single person on my team has that overachiever gene.”

If you speak to Avenash long enough about his time at Digital Risk, his overall feeling is one of gratitude. “I feel lucky to be in proximity to these great minds and for the ability to have my ideas heard and implemented to help the company,” he said. That’s one of the many reasons behind Digital Risk’s success. This company is full of people with great ideas, and people who recognize the importance of ideas, ingenuity, opinions and even debate. At Digital Risk this philosophy applies to everyone: that someone is you!

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