JP Starting Over

Starting Over

JP Sat Defined as meaning to begin again, the idiom “starting over” has a plethora of connotations, including apprehension, excitement and disappointment. Likely, we all had to start over at some point in our lives, whether it is attending a new school, moving to a new town or starting a new job. As for Digital Risk Pipeline Analyst Jean Pierre “JP” Sat, starting over has been a regular occurrence throughout his life.

As the son of a single mother, JP relocated throughout Orlando, FL several times during his childhood, learning the skill of starting over with each move. JP also learned the value of hard work by tending to a church friend’s plantation and stock of chickens to earn money. At 14, he experienced one of his most trying lessons, starting over at a boarding school in another country – Argentina. JP spent seven years in the country wherein he obtained a nursing degree, lived on his own for three years, and took various jobs to save money for a plane ticket back to America. At 21, he did just that and started over again in Long Island, NY where he moved in with his grandmother and started working at a local newspaper.

JP SatAlthough he loved living with his grandmother, JP missed his godfather and church friends who still resided in Orlando. He viewed the city as his true home. Thus, he learned the extent of his strength by working three jobs to save funds and relocate to his roots. After eight months, JP’s efforts paid off, and he started over again in Orlando with a new apartment, new school, new job and new car!

“From this point on it got a lot better,” JP said. “I started school at Seminole State College and obtained an office job on campus. I also worked with my godfather, and he began teaching me about leadership.” As a full-time student, the college wouldn’t permit him to work over 20 hours, so JP took a part-time job as a Data Capture Analyst at Digital Risk. Once completing two years at the college, JP started over again at the University of Central Florida, pursuing a degree in electrical engineering.

“My friend told me he was working at Digital Risk as a Data Capture Analyst and I thought, ‘that sounds important!’” JP said. Four months in, he was transferred to a forensic underwriting project that allowed him to work full-time. After completing the project, JP’s boss recommended him for the Licensing Team.

“When I transferred to Licensing, I had to start from zero all over again and prove myself to the team,” he said. “My teammate Bridget Coleman took me under her wing and taught me everything I know about licensing from beginning to end. I feel like I learned so much in such little time because of her.”

His favorite experience with Digital Risk was during a meeting with Licensing, CEO & Managing Partner Sesha Dhanyamraju and CLO Debbie Hoffman. As this was his first meeting with the CEO, Sesha asked JP to introduce himself and even complemented him on his tie. He also said something that impressed JP. Sesha advised that not only does Digital Risk need to serve our clients, but also our clients’ clients; if we serve our clients’ clients, then our clients will feel wholly satisfied with us.

“It was overwhelming!” JP said. “The CEO and CLO of this company are in this meeting right in front of my face, and they know my name! Plus, I just learned valuable advice from a true leader.”

Recently, his former forensic underwriting team asked him to rejoin the department as a Pipeline Analyst. For the first time in his career, JP had two teams vying for his time. How did he accomplish this? JP believes it is a result of making his boss’ job easier – a lesson he learned from his godfather.

“I think I have been successful at Digital Risk because I focused on making my managers’ job easier, so that they can focus on leading the department,” he said. “I really love working for this company because leaders offer you career paths that you can grow within, and they help you learn new things.”

His expected graduation date is Spring 2016. Until then, he plans on continuing to learn and grow at Digital Risk and hopes to take on a leadership role. Chances are JP will have to start over again at some point in his career journey. Good thing he’s had so much practice!

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