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Meet D-Risker Javan Berry: Reaching Health Goals and So Much More!

Reaching Health Goals and So Much More! Javan Berry’s Experience.

As we approach the fourth month of 2016, finishing up one-third of the year, many of us are likely reflecting on our New Year’s resolutions. While some of us are gleefully enjoying the changes we’ve made in our lives, others may be struggling to get back on track – or have called it quits.

At Digital Risk, we implemented a Wellness Initiative in December of 2015 to not only help D-Riskers who have health-related resolutions to reach their goals, but also to aid all team members in achieving personal wellness aspirations and reaching milestones that would reduce their monthly medical premiums.

One D-Risker who has taken advantage of this opportunity and earned significant medical premium discounts is Business Engineer II Javan Berry. The Wellness Initiative, which is tied to Digital Risk’s medical benefits offerings, includes a wellness program called HumanaVitality®. As an enrollee in Digital Risk’s medical plans, Javan was eligible to participate in HumanaVitality® and began using the service in January of 2016.

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Javan Berry’s Vitality Program Activities Tracker

How the program works: Eligible Digital Risk employees register at and complete verified wellness activities to earn Vitality Points™. For every point employees earn, they receive an equivalent Vitality Buck® and their Vitality Status ® grows to a higher rank. The higher their Status, the higher their discount is in the HumanaVitality® Mall. Vitality Bucks® can be transferred into real rewards, such as gift cards, cameras and more. Given this information, Javan went right to work, creating a personal action plan, milestone goals, and a point tracker.

Javan’s First Goal: Reach Bronze Vitality Status™. Luckily, Javan hit this status almost immediately after signing up for Vitality and completing a Health Assessment test.

Javan’s Second Goal: Reach Silver Vitality Status™. This goal took him nine days total, but Javan had already figured out the system and how to reach 165 points in just five days. Each daily workout equates to 15 points, plus an extra 15 points for the first workout of the week and another 40 points for five consecutive workouts. He also racked up 7 points each day for sleeping a minimum of 7 hours (5 points) and having a daily moment of reflection (2 points).

Javan’s Third Goal: Reach Gold Vitality Status™. It took Javan about a month to achieve this milestone. By working out (15 points), sleeping over 7 hours (5 points), joining fitness teams (50 points), performing health assessments (500 points), completing athletic events (350 points), taking education classes (75 points) and more, Javan began to build a healthy living regimen. Further, Digital Risk offered an opportunity to gain an immense amount of Vitality Points™ by partnering with Quest Diagnostics to implement on-site health screenings. Participating in a 30-minute screening gave Javan a whopping 4,000 points, which helped him hit Gold by the end of February.

Javan’s Fourth Goal: Reach Platinum Vitality Status™. After living this regimen for several weeks, earning more and more points came naturally for Javan. “My daily routine has changed dramatically,” he said. “It’s just fun!” In fact, Javan began earning Vitality Points™ with other D-Riskers (including BI Reporting Analyst II Jonathan Payne) by taking walks around the office building, giving each other tips on how to earn more points, and joining each other’s teams and challenges. Thus, as of March 18th, Javan hit his ultimate goal – reaching Platinum.

As a Platinum Vitality Status™ member, he can take advantage of his Vitality Bucks® rewards or go shopping at the HumanaVitality® Mall. Platinum members gain a 40% discount at the Mall, which could go toward a brand new television. Javan also gains significant savings on his monthly medical benefits premiums, which will really add up over the course of 2016.

Javan’s advice to other D-Riskers: “There are many activities for employees who are just starting their healthy living journey can partake in to earn points. They can take surveys, get seven hours of sleep, join teams, have a daily moment, take education classes, or walk an athletic event.”

Going above and beyond, Javan even made a 7-minute educational video explaining how D-Riskers can gain Vitality Points™ faster, which was made available to the over 1,300 Digital Risk team members in March 2000. The video included screenshots of his progress, tutorials on how to input and track activities, and more.


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