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Living Healthy for Life: This D-Risker Leads by Example

With 33 teams and over 270 participating D-Riskers from all parts of the company, the 2015 Digital Risk Health Challenge was a complete success! Now in its third year, this competition could not have happened without team members like Maitland Processor Carla Cruz.

Carla Cruz and Vivian Perez IOA Corp 5kEvery year, Carla is one of the top Health Challenge performers, encouraging her team to take part in weekly contests and earn as many points as possible. She has also captained team “Digital Risk” in the IOA Corporate 5k since 2012. Around the office, she is known for her healthy living, leading daily team stretches, bringing healthy snacks to potlucks, taking 15-minute walks and always having her 36 ounce container of water handy. Carla truly leads by example in the workplace, showing fellow D-Riskers the simple things they can incorporate into their daily lives to maintain optimal health.

“I want to show others that they can lead a healthy life,” she said. “I’m no different than anyone else.”

As a mother of five, Carla leads by example at home, as well. Due to her broad history in fitness, she is able to teach her children various avenues of gaining fitness, including aerobics, weight lifting, running, dancing, high-intensity interval training and yoga. Her passion is to guide mothers in integrating healthy activities into their daily routine. She even created an Instagram page (fitmomsimspirations) to show her followers different yoga poses and activities to try out. If you were to visit her Instagram page, you’d likely see Carla’s pictures throughout her typical hectic week:

Monday: 3-mile run at 5:30am, work for 8-9 hours, home by 6:30pm.

Tuesday: One hour of hot yoga at 6am, work for 8-9 hours, kids’ church activity at 7pm, home at 8pm.

Wednesday: Teach yoga at 5:30am, work for 8-9 hours, one hour yoga class at 7pm, home at 8:30 pm.

Thursday: 3-mile run at 5:30am, work for 8-9 hours, inversional flow yoga at 7:15pm, home at 8:45pm.

Friday: Teach yoga at 5:30am, work for 8-9 hours, one-to-two yoga after work, fun Friday night plans.

Saturday/Sunday: Run in the morning, one yoga class and a fun weekend with the kids and family.

Carla's Team - 2015 DR Health ChallengeYou may be wondering why making time for exercise is so important to Carla. In fact, it may even surprise you that she is currently working to become a certified yoga instructor. The answer is actually quite simple. While she has always loved fitness, she now pursues longevity in health through activities like yoga. As a daughter to a parent with fibromyalgia and a family history of autoimmune disease, Carla seeks to avert these health challenges through clean eating and stress-reducing exercise. Further, she encourages all of those around her – at work and at home – to adopt measures to maintain health.

 “I tell my children it’s not about being skinny,” Carla said. “I want to be healthy, free of disease and live a good life.”

Now, with the 2015 IOA Corporate 5k just weeks away, she encourages all Orlando-area residents to join a team and either walk or run for health. Carla will be at the event as the “Digital Risk” team captain manning the company’s tent and helping teammates stretch before the run. D-Riskers have until April 2 to join the team! If you’re at the event, we invite you to stop by and say hello!

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