Digital Risk is a company made up of smart professionals who also happen to be real people, with real interests and with a multitude of aspirations. Each person comes from a wide array of backgrounds and experiences, but yet all share a common drive to succeed and have a good time doing so. Upper management and employees fondly refer to themselves as “D-Riskers.” These D-Riskers have many great qualities; they stand out as hard workers, considerate peers and conscientious community members. A positive environment is an easy achievement as our D-Riskers are always eager to lend a hand.

Community Involvement

Digital Risk 5KDigital Risk views strengthening our corporate social responsibility as a high priority. Involvement is often initiated by individuals and then is backed by the company itself. Our corporate citizenship ranges from donating to medical advancement, various causes, disaster victims, animal charities and even helping individuals in need. D-Riskers themselves donate, help raise money, and volunteer in charitable events. Many days out of the month  employees host a variety of bake sales, donation box collections, raffles and more all set up to help the community and fellow employees in need.


Our mortgage professionals are anything but boring. Among the Digital Risks ranks are artists, rock stars, community leaders, foodies, athletes, comedians and all around fun people. A prime example is Breaking LUSY, a band made exclusively by Digital Risk employees. This band rocks on the regular, attracting a lot of attention and helping to build tight-knit peer relationships.   In addition to Breaking LUSY, the company also has a softball team, which is just another great outlet to have co-workers come together and frequently team-build both inside and outside of the office.