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Leading by Example – Meet Cory McCormack

By Component Servicing Analyst Mary Muratore

Leadership DevelopmentWorking at a remote office for a large company can sometimes present unique challenges. Company culture may not entirely translate between offices. Team members across offices communicate via phone or email rather than in-person. Supervisors guide and manage direct reports without ever grabbing a morning coffee together. Yet, each office has those team members who stand out, who make an impact, who inspire others to emulate their positive energy simply through leading by example. One of those individuals is Component Servicing Manager Cory McCormack.

In March of 2012, Cory received a very important phone call from a Digital Risk recruiter who came across her résumé and thought she would be a great fit for the company’s Component Servicing division. Less than a month later, Cory’s Digital Risk journey began.

Digital Risk Game DayTwo years and several promotions later, Cory is now a manager with more than 10 D-Riskers working under her direction. How did she do it? Perhaps her supervisor, Sr. Director of Advisory Services, Carl Messina said it best: “Cory is an extremely dedicated and conscientious manager.  Further, she is a subject matter expert on her scope and she has a tremendous work ethic. No matter the task, Cory always gets the job done with a smile – often working long hours and/or weekends to ensure our client commitments are met on time.  It has been a pleasure working with Cory and I foresee many more advancements in her future”.

Cory’s accolades do not end with her leaders. Some of Cory’s team members have said:

“Cory is one of the best managers I have worked with at Digital Risk. She is very professional and understanding. Whenever I have a question, she is right there with an answer and if she cannot get the answer, she will find someone who can.”

“Cory is great at boosting morale and keeping her team motivated. She constantly says ‘thanks’ – even for the smallest things. She buys breakfast and lunch whenever we have tight deadlines, and she makes you want to work and succeed.”

“I like Cory a lot as a person and as a professional. I want to work for her because she treats us like adults and doesn’t micromanage us.”

Cory Florida StateSo what is it about Digital Risk that enables the company to retain this exemplary leader? We’ll let Cory explain this one, “I genuinely love what I do and look forward to coming to work every day. I am lucky to work with a dynamic group of individuals who are constantly influencing me and teaching me new things”.

Inspiration flows both ways between Cory and her team, as evidenced by the way the Jacksonville team members  make the journey fun. Recently, Cory helped sponsor the office Memorial Day potluck and, according to her team, Cory’s cooking is delicious.  “I try to promote fun team-based activities and provide outlets to let team members’ individual strengths shine. I am also not above the use of donuts, cookies and M&M’s as an instant morale booster,” Cory said. Little known fact about this D-Risker: “I am yet to meet a carbohydrate I did not like.”

To that end, we encourage all D-Riskers, whether you’re working from the Jacksonville office or Denver office, or any office in between, to give Cory a virtual or in-person high five today. After all, each and every one of us can offer a little inspiration through leading by example.

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