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Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Padgett’s Year of Growth

I started my career at Digital Risk just over one year ago, and what a year it has been! Although it seems like just yesterday, so much has happened that it also seems forever ago. Check out this timeline:


First time at a Digital Risk office:  Spent a few minutes looking for a parking spot at the Maitland office, the Digital Risk epi-center. Hoping I wouldn’t be late for my interview. Made it on time. Great interview!


First job offer at Digital Risk: Got a phone call from Talent Acquisition Manager Antwan Harrington with an offer. Shrieked “Yes, I’ll take the job!” Then thought to self, “Forensic Loan Review Analyst, interesting job title!


First day at Digital Risk: I call it the whirlwind. Took a shuttle van from the parking lot to the building. Went into a fun, yet head-spinning training. Thanks Beth Santurri, Forensic Performance Supervisor. Met a ton of D-Riskers. Tried to remember everyone’s name. Shuttle Van.  Car.  Repeat.  Thought to self, “It’s okay, I’m getting my exercise.”


Fast forward six months: In those six months, I had a great Team Lead. Thanks Tim Morton, Forensic QC Specialist. I had a stellar row of cube mates. Go Row Debbie! We called ourselves “Rebbies” after our head-cube mate Debbie Suttie, Forensic QC Team Lead. Although I experienced many weeks of moving before my induction as a “Rebbie,” I LOVED it! Met tons of great people. Figured out which row was too cold and too hot. Then lo and behold, “Rebbies” was just right.


Second job offer at Digital Risk: At month seven I was promoted to Team Lead! Thought to self “I can do this, right? Why me?” Then a confidence boost from my “Rebbies.” Thought to self, “I CAN do this!” Began leading a team of four in Jacksonville. That was fun, challenging and life changing!


Month Nine: Moved to Lake Mary, which meant no more I-4 and 408. Yes! And the Lake Mary office rocked: shiny fixtures, new carpet smells, unlimited parking and room in the fridge. We were the first of the few ones there. Life was good! But then WHAM and I was back to driving around several minutes finding a spot and waiting in line for the unlimited Cappuccino. Ah, the growth of Digital Risk.


Month 10: Heard about the company’s Employee Blogger Program. Social Media?  Yes, sign me up!  I’m a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter junkie. Even President and Managing Director Alex Santos connected with me on LinkedIn. That’s pretty cool. And now I’m apparently being featured on the Careers Blog!


Month 11: Work from home?  Work in my jammies?  Yes, please! First few weeks were hard. Missed my D-Riskers. Even though everyone is an IM away, I do miss the practical jokes and pranks. I still earned a couple of Spot Awards. Even from home. Thanks Jorge Suarez, Forensic Sr. Manager.


Month 12: Invited to participate in a Leadership Development Class. I’m in! Thanks Dean Budney, Leadership Development Manager, for doing a super job.  And I promise I will memorize Digital Risk’s 7 Principles. What are they, you ask? D-Riskers who have the opportunity should take the class. The 7 Principles are great for the office and for home life.  I’ll let you know if it works on my husband and kids. One can only hope.


Going into Month 13: I am not superstitious. I think 13 IS lucky! Why? I am lucky to have a wonderful career at Digital Risk, and to work for a company where employees are its best asset and treated like family. This is a place where if one needs help, folks say “Well then, let’s have a Jeans for a Cause Day!” Friends can’t believe I get to wear jeans to work. My response: Yes, Digital Risk is a GREAT place to work, to inspire and to cheer on rock band Breaking LUSY! D-Riskers, let’s follow the 7 Principles, grow with the company, earn awards and continue on to 2014 remembering CHANGE can be good!

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