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Highlights from Digital Risk’s 2015 P4 Mentor Program Graduation

On November 11th, Digital Risk hosted its third P4 Mentor Program graduation! During the ceremony, nine Mentors and nine Mentees, one Mentee even participating remotely via Skype, showed what they learned throughout their experience in the program.

Several takeaways from the graduation: We must all take time each day to ‘stop, think and reflect’ on our interactions and our personal growth, we must value ‘the QUALITY of time verses the quantity’, and mentoring can occur in all forms – even senior associates can learn from junior team members.

“It was both gratifying and humbling to see our Mentors and Mentees complete the P4 Mentor Program,” said Supervisor, Human Resource Amy Huff, the program’s creator and manager. “I sincerely enjoyed witnessing them go through this journey, develop close relationships, and learn from each other.”

Between the opening remarks by Digital Risk’s CEO & Managing Partner Sesha Dhanyamraju, a 360° Leadership skit performed by the program’s mentees, and the graduation certificate exchange, this event epitomized the power of Digital Risk’s P4 Mentor Program.

Sesha closed the ceremony by challenging participants to pay it forward: “To our Mentees and Mentors, become the Ambassadors of the P4 Mentor Program. Write about it, talk about it, share what you have learned. What better ambassador than someone who has gone through it!”

For more information about the program, check out at http://bit.ly/1kMCuoE. View the experience as it happened on Twitter at @DigitalRiskJobs and @DigitalRiskCo, on Facebook at Digital Risk, and on Instagram at DigitalRisk.

Photos from the event can be viewed on the corporate website, click here.


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