August D-Risker Spotlight

Helping D-Riskers be Healthy & Happy at Work

nixDid you know that Americans spend 10.3 years working during their lifetime? And 9.1 years watching television, 4.3 years driving a car, 1.1 years cleaning, 2.5 years cooking…. Regardless of the rest of the statistics, we can all agree that 10.3 years is a long time!

In fact, sleeping and working account for two-thirds of the average American’s work day. Since we are only cognizant during one of these activities, we must ask ourselves: are we being mindful of our health during this large chunk of time?

D-Risker Nixaliz “Nix” Salazar understands this all too well. As an HR Generalist III and main point person for Digital Risk’s benefits program, she is intimately involved with sharing the company’s benefits information with team members. Coincidentally, Nix happens to be extremely health conscious.

“I am all about health, especially at the office,” she said. “Work can be stressful, so you have to be healthy inside and outside of the office because it will start to show.”

So how does Nix maintain her health in and out of work? She follows her essentials: drink lots of water, eat healthy foods, exercise or participate in an outdoor activity each day, and indulge every once in a while.  A healthy body and mind is essential, and working in HR gives Nix the opportunity to assist team members on both fronts.

“I love interacting with people,” Nix said. “I enjoy helping employees feel content with where they’re currently at in their career and where they’re possibly going.”

Nix particularly enjoys being a source of solutions for D-Riskers. One such solution is the suite of wellness programs included in the company’s benefits offerings. Digital Risk has many health maintenance options that team members can take advantage of, including gym membership discounts, weekly health emails, wellness webinars, gift rewards for doctors’ visits and more.

“I genuinely like to see my colleagues in a good mood, healthy and happy,” she said. “And I know I can help them through benefits communications, wellness program education, and one-on-one counseling.”

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