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Getting It Done – Together

By Underwriter Christine Carcel and Compliance Team Lead Carrie Eanes

Maitland Team

Maitland Transaction Management D-Riskers

Two, or more, heads are definitely better than one. The Digital Risk Transaction Management team proved this to be true. The team was asked to pursue a project outside of work in an effort to bring the entire team together, including D-Riskers in the Jacksonville, Boca and Maitland, Florida offices.

The ladies in the Jacksonville office, Compliance Analysts Anedre’ P., Sherry B. and Emmitt G., proposed a project for the Family Promise charity. Family Promise helps families in need by providing assistance with food, shelter and support services. Easy decision. The team agreed.

Together, all office team members collected clothes, food, personal items and one member, Emmitt, donated her Digital Risk award gift card of $25. In addition to item donations, the team raised $265 that helped a Mom buy clothes for her infant child and for a job interview.

Family Promise Support Manager Veronica Coleman denoted the organizations appreciation stating “…I am so grateful that Family Promise has wonderful people such as yourselves that care for our families.”

Jacksonville Transaction Management team members

Jacksonville Transaction Management team members

Maitland Underwriter Brenda L. had this to say, “It made you happy to see that the little help we gave to the family went a long way.” Fellow Maitland teammate and Underwriter Lequita L. said, “Everyone was very generous. We need to take more time out to take a look around the world and lend a helping hand.”

“It helped us take the focus off of work and personal struggles and refocus as a team on something bigger than ourselves. We were very fortunate to be part of it,” Sherry Brooks said.

After personal reflection, the Transaction Management team found that team members have a lot of heart and are very civic minded. They found it easy to unite the team around such a worthy cause. In their words, “Yes, we gave but we gained so much in return. So much so that we’re doing it again.”

Maitland and Jacksonville Transaction Management team members

Maitland and Jacksonville Transaction Management team members

The Boca Charity Committee is currently collecting needed items for AVDA, Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse, Inc. for the month of May. Of course, the team is 100% behind this effort and expect to see great results!

The Digital Risk Transaction Management team encompasses several of our various services across the mortgage life cycle, including compliance, due diligence reviews, pre-and post-funding quality control and more. To learn more about Transaction Management openings and other career opportunities at Digital Risk, visit our open positions page here.

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