Financial Wellness

This June, Digital Risk promoted its first Financial Wellness Month classes. These classes, as a part of the Financial Wellness portion of the Employee Engagement Program, opened doors for D-Riskers to be able to reach out and connect with Financial Wellness Advisors about topics ranging from retirement to savings. In addition to hosting presentations from advisors at Voya Financial and 5/3rd Bank, Digital Risk also allowed for onsite financial consultations afterwards, giving D-Riskers the opportunity to get personal questions answered and help creating budgets and retirement plans. This access is ideal for employees that are looking to maximize the way they save, or need financial advice during the week that they wouldn’t be able to get during typical banking or work business hours.


The first class open to D-Riskers was “Budgeting for Fun”, an interactive Lunch’n’Learn where Financial Advisors from 5/3rd Bank came in with budgeting breakdown worksheets for each person, as well as helpful budgeting tips that brought awareness to the importance of being financially well when it comes to saving!

In the class, the advisors explained the differences between “wants” vs “needs”. This helped everyone to think of their budget as a “spending plan” rather than a “budgeting plan” and how saving money is really paying your future self. D-Riskers were challenged not only to create a budget for themselves, but also to set an “end goal” for where they want to be in the upcoming years. After the presentation, D-Riskers had the opportunity for a 1-on-1 with the advisors to ask financial wellness related questions.

The second class, “Being Retirement Ready” by Voya Financial, gave D-Riskers the opportunity to learn and talk with Voya, our 401k provider, on being ready for retirement and what that goal may look like to each individual person. This class fit in perfectly with employee engagement’s theme this month and helped D-Riskers to start thinking about their future retirement goals. Those who attended were able to ask questions about their 401k plan and get a hands-on demo of how to enroll online. An Investment Advisor also explained how D-Riskers can take advantage of MorningStar services to help manage their accounts, and the importance of investing in your future. Throughout the presentation, D-Riskers were both encouraged and challenged to truly begin the journey of saving for retirement.

Those that participated in these classes also earned 35 Go365 Points, a pedometer, and each one was entered in to win a $25 Gift Card at their location! Congratulations to the winners of each site listed below. We look forward to seeing our D-Riskers participate in the next Financial Wellness Class this August!

Maitland: Hector Perez

Lake Mary: Linda Faile

Boca Raton: Nicole Reynolds

Jacksonville: Samuel Jones


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