D-Riskers Celebrate Their Five Year Anniversaries!

D-Riskers Celebrate Their Five Year Anniversaries!

D-Riskers who were celebrating their five-year anniversary were invited to special Anniversary Luncheons during the second week of January. Two luncheons were held at the Lake Mary office for all Orlando area D-Riskers and at the Jacksonville office for all team members at that location.

During the event, CEO, Sesha Dhanyamraju and Kishore GR, SVP & Head HR for Digital Risk, provided kind words of encouragement and congratulated everyone on their achievements. Attendees also shared their most memorable moments with the company and why they enjoy working for Digital Risk. At the close of the luncheon, these five-year veterans received a Certificate of Appreciation from Sesha.

Digital Risk’s Rewards & Recognition team rolled out the 5-Year Anniversary celebration in August of 2016. The program holds celebratory luncheons twice a year. The next luncheon will be held in August of 2017.

Here are quotes from luncheon attendees from the past year:


Carl Messina Jr., Sr. Director, Advisory Services | Jacksonville

Carl’s most memorable time at Digital Risk was: “The Multiple team celebrations for exceeding quarterly and annual goals. The most memorable was the first year with the company when PLS was underfunded and being invested into to grow the division. We were short the first half of the year and ended up blowing out the 3rd and 4th quarters and exceeded the annual goal. It was a huge accomplishment for the entire PLS team. A great testament to the “People are our greatest asset” mantra. When asked what his favorite part about working at DR was, he said: “I have also forged several strong business and personal relationships over my five years with Digital Risk and I have been fortunate to work with some truly amazing and outstanding teammates, both businesswise and as individuals and for that I am truly grateful. Change, growth and learning, and the ability to touch multiple projects drawing on my 26 years’ experience in the mortgage and financial services industry.”


Kelly Peyton, Sr. Manager, Advisory Services, Business Dev. | Maitland

Kelly’s most memorable time at Digital Risk was when “My team aluminum foiled my desk with 6 rolls of aluminum foil for my birthday. When I removed the foil, I had a ball bigger than my head. I re-gifted the ball of foil to my twin brother for his birthday.” When asked what her favorite part about working at Digital Risk was, she said: “The people I work with and the belief and encouragement of my leaders.”


Cynthia Dessert, Collateral Review Appraiser III USB | Lake Mary

Cynthia’s most memorable moment at Digital Risk was: “It was hilarious when an email announced: “Be careful…there is a cat with kittens outside in the parking lot!” SEVERAL folks all around our building jumped up from their desks to go check it out! (Wild life is a bit more limited here in Lake Mary than the otters all around Maitland!!) When asked what her favorite part about working at Digital Risk was, she said: “I love the team work and support we all share with one another! Whether it is during times of desperation to meet an impossible deadline, assistance through a technical glitch, support in a time of need, or the celebration of a job well-done, Digital Riskers come TOGETHER! This has been proven time, and time again, over the years here at DR!!”


Ann Ott, Software Quality Solutions Manager, IT – Development | Maitland

Ann’s most memorable moment at Digital Risk? “While the Software Development Team continually works on application projects for Digital Risk under tight deadlines with high quality standards, our team makes time to have fun. The memorable moments which come most to mind are our IT Team Building events, like when we won the company Halloween Decorating contest! When asked what her favorite part about working at Digital Risk was, she said: “Digital Risk promoting balance between work and home life. Because of DR’s work schedule flexibility, I’ve been able to complete a life goal to earn my USDF Bronze Medal.”


Eric Dickman, Forensic Quality Control Team Lead | Lake Mary

Erick’s most memorable moment at Digital Risk? “Walking into work in August 2014, I came upon a group of co-workers in front of the Maitland building. One of them somehow knew it was my birthday and she managed to coax the group of about 6 people to sing happy birthday to me…right there on the sidewalk. Although I’ll admit I was a bit embarrassed from the attention, it was definitely a touching moment. He says the his favorite part of working at Digital Risk is “There are plenty of aspects to choose from, but the best part has to be the people. My growth both professionally and personally from the relationships that have been made over the years has been truly invaluable.”


Brent Feaser, Senior Analyst Quality Control | Lake Mary

Brent’s most memorable moment at Digital Risk? “My most memorable time at DR was my trip to Pune, India to train Underwriters. I love traveling and I have been all over the world. I was excited to go to a new country and get to know the culture while representing my team and helping train fellow DRiskers. The people for DR in Pune were more than happy to show me around and experience their culture. I ate Indian Cuisine almost every meal and a different food every time. I also was taken to historic sites, a Hindu Temple, and some of the mountain sites and various city attractions in Pune.” His favorite part of working at Digital Risk is “The fact that I feel appreciated and respected by my leadership, fellow QC, underwriters, compliance analysts, and the entire DR family. I’ve been a part of leadership meetings with the executives, the Achievers club, P4 mentorship, and was permitted to travel to India to meet our fellow D-Riskers and Mphasians overseas. I’ve never had a negative encounter and always felt welcome and appreciated. DR is like family. We hear that a lot from people, but it is really true.”


Bridget Brennan, Manager, Marketing & PR | Maitland

Bridget’s most memorable moment at Digital Risk was: “I had a wonderful time volunteering at XL 106.7’s Baby DJ program as part of a service activity for Digital Risk’s P4 Mentor Program. All of the P4 Mentees and Mentors went to the Baby DJ warehouse to sort toys, write cards and help out the staff. We even got to meet Johnny Magic!” Her favorite part of working at Digital Risk is “There are lots of opportunities for growth with this company. If you have an idea for a new program or a better way to do something, the leadership will give you the chance to try it out and pursue what makes you happy. I’ve been very fortunate to work with some amazing people here.”


Digital Risk would like to thank all of those who are celebrating this milestone for your contributions over the years and looks forward to celebrating your next five years with the company!





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