Diversity Week 2017


From July 24th to July 28th, Digital Risk hosted its second annual Diversity Week celebration.  D-Riskers represent a multitude of various races, religions, orientations, genders and come from every corner of the world – by embracing our differences and cultural backgrounds, we are able to work together as a successful team focusing on a common goal of Making Mortgages Safe.

Day 1- Kick off Day

D-Riskers took the Diversity Heritage Survey where they were asked two questions about their ancestry. The survey allowed for D-Riskers to comment in exactly where their ancestors were from or where they were born, which helped our diversity map to be more accurate.

At the end of the week, we shared our diversity map and showcased how though we may come from different places, together we are complete.

Day 2- Wear Your Colors Day 

D-Riskers were asked to come dressed to proudly represent their nationality/heritage/culture/cause and celebrate where they came from with us.

Day 3- National Disability Independence Day 

To honor the 27th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Digital Risk highlighted some avenues in which we as a community and as individuals can eliminate barriers that people with disabilities face every day, including a unique way Digital Risk employees could donate to this cause through the Go365 program connected to our benefits.

Day 4- 3rd Annual Break the Glass: Women in Business Conference Day

This conference brought together a group of distinguished women leaders from all lines of business here at DR to participate in a morning of mentoring and networking where we could share ideas and learn from each other. The conference was opened by guest speaker Donna Corley, Senior Vice President at Freddie Mac, who spoke passionately about diversity of thought, the importance of teamwork and the long journey towards building resilience. Following that were two panels that discussed two main topics: Power of Business and Leadership Disrupted. These topics showcased an excellent depth of knowledge and experience from the women that stepped up to speak, and allowed for an open discussion that both encouraged and challenged those that attended both here in Orlando and from our Jacksonville, Boca Raton and Denver offices. Overall, the conference was a great success, with over 50 women leaders at Digital Risk attending personally or calling in to the event.

Day 5 – Cultural Heritage Potluck and Food Contest


Digital Risk hosted a company wide potluck and food competition as a great way to end the week. D-Riskers and their teams were encouraged to bring and share their favorite family food recipes with 2 judges judging delicious food and whoever had the best tasting main dish won a blue ribbon and bragging rights as their prize.


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