Denise Vontobel Leadership Spotlight

Denise Vontobel: Molding Digital Risk’s Future Leaders

Denise Vontobel Team

Natasha Guidry, Michael Dean, Denise Vontobel and Candice Archer

How many people have you impacted throughout your career? How would you describe your career path to this point? Touching the lives of over 800 D-Riskers, Sr. Manager of Data Capture Denise Vontobel may be able to describe her career journey as a legacy.

Joining the company in March of 2009, Denise was part of the first Processor training class at Digital Risk’s brand new office in Maitland, FL, now home to the company’s headquarters. After moving from a contract role to permanent position, Denise was asked to launch Digital Risk’s Data Capture program, then referred to as “NT” (Non-Traditional/New Talent) as Data Capture Analysts worked after traditional work hours, leveraging cost.

With the help of VP of Facilities & Regional Development Ron Driggers, who happens to be retiring this week after a successful 6-year tenure with the company, Denise was able to launch the program in October 2009 with a total of 15 Data Capture Analysts. By December 2013, the program had grown tremendously, to about 300 staff members with various layers of management, quality assurance and production supporting over 60 clients throughout the years. To date, Denise has helped her team of Data Capture Analysts learn and grow by providing real-world experience and professional guidance. Many of these D-Riskers have developed into leadership roles or pursued their passions within other departments around the company.

“I am very proud to have been able to touch those lives in some small way and effectively support the growth of their careers,” Denise said. “I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to help mold and develop these talented individuals.”

So how was Denise able to create and implement such a successful program? Perhaps one supporting factor is her approach to leadership. As a recipient of strong mentoring herself, Denise believes fully in the importance of valuing team members by empowerment. She is a staunch advocate of her staff’s growth and learning, professional advancement and contribution to the company. Denise has seen first-hand the benefit of tapping into the high-tech and creative talent among Orlando area college-level professionals, and honing those skill sets to support the growth of Digital Risk and D-Riskers.

“I have learned something too from these young, bright minds, and that is, you are never too old to learn something new!”

Denise is also a supporter of truth and transparency, relating this principle to the old adage, “do what you say, say what you do.” Throughout her tenure with Digital Risk, Denise maintains an environment of consistent, open communication, as well as upholding integrity in commitments and follow-through.

“Effective leadership demands the courage to speak the truth, even if the truth is sometimes unpleasant, uncomfortable or painful,” Denise asserted. “Speak the truth, follow through on what you say, and you’ll be amazingly effective in getting things done.”

So while Denise may lead the Data Capture team, her legacy has been felt all over the company through the accomplishments of those who Denise calls “the future of Digital Risk.” And as a proponent of growth and learning, she has one final piece of advice for all of us, and that is “to take pleasure in the new and sometimes challenging steps in your road to success!”

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