Digital Risk 4th of July Fun Collage - Independence Day

Celebrating Independence Day Digital Risk Style: #DR4thofJuly

Where did you spend the week of Independence Day? Did you know that all four cities with Digital Risk offices are among the top 40 best cities for 4th of July celebrations? Yes, according to WalletHub, Orlando (including the Maitland and Lake Mary offices) was ranked No. 10, Denver was ranked No. 23, Miami (including the Boca Raton office) was ranked No. 26, and Jacksonville was ranked No. 38.  Now, while WalletHub most likely took into account celebrations outside of the office, that doesn’t mean that workplaces can’t contribute to the holiday fun! After all, the methodology for comparing cities was based on the balance of holiday cost and fun – which for Digital Risk team members was a lot of fun while actually earning cash!!


So what were D-Riskers up to during the week that celebrates America’s freedom? Exactly what should be expected from these patriots: cake, U.S. history trivia,  patriot costume contests, team spirit competitions, and, of course, USA prize buckets! All of the week’s activities unfolded on social media through #DR4thofJuly, as seen in the pictures below. And while all D-Riskers who participated were winners in Uncle Sam’s eyes, a few lucky team members stood out from the rest:

Digital Risk 4th of July Fun Collage - Independance Day

Digital Risk 4th of July Fun Collage

U.S. History Trivia Competition

For the U.S. History Trivia Competition, team members were invited to participate in an online trivia quiz featuring U.S. history questions. Those who scored the most correct answers out of the participants at their office would be named the winner for their location. Well, because so many Digital Risk team members are history buffs, 73 out of the 132 participants earned a perfect score!


Thus, these individuals were placed into a hat so that one winner was chosen at random from each location. A special congratulations goes out to these four team members:


  • Ada Rodriguez, Processor, from the Boca Raton office
  • Ashley Lout, Processor, from the Maitland office
  • Randy Hobby, Manager, Closing, from the Jacksonville office
  • Sharon Weems, Manager, Transaction Management, from the Lake Mary office
Maitland Fourth of July Quiz/Trivia Winner

Maitland Fourth of July Quiz/Trivia Winner

Team Patriotic Spirit Photo Contest

For the Team Patriotic Spirit Photo Contest, business units were challenged to select a creative way to show their patriotic team spirit by decorating their work area, wearing wacky Uncle Sam outfits, or dressing up like famous individuals from American history. Teams then had to select a team name, choose one member to upload a picture of the team onto social media, and compete against other business units to obtain the most “likes.” The team that won the contest received a $200 gift card to be used for a group activity.


With that, a very big congrats to Team Freedom Fighters, a Maitland mortgage origination team, for winning the contest by gaining 186 likes on Facebook! Those who came in close behind include:


  • Team American Misfits, Maitland office, 167 likes
  • Team What’s Up Bridges, Jacksonville office, 93 likes
  • Team Fun Squad, Maitland office, 58 likes
  • Team TeaMerica, Lake Mary office, 57 likes
Team Freedom Fighters in Maitland - Patriotic Spirit Photo Contest Winners

Team Freedom Fighters in Maitland – Patriotic Spirit Photo Contest Winners

A big thank you to all D-Riskers who participated in #DR4thofJuly! Here’s to a wonderful year of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – and looking forward to #DR4thofJuly #2017!

You can view pictures from this Independence Day celebration by clicking on the gallery below.


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