Digital Risk October Wellness Challenge: Battle of the Teams

After surviving the tumultuous storm that was Hurricane Irma, Digital Risk employees were back in the game when October brought in the second Step Challenge of the year. This time, the Go365 sponsored challenge would be teams vs teams, where prizes awaited for the top team, top stepper, and top site.

Over 100+ employees were up to the challenge, coming together to create more than 20 teams across the company. On October 2nd, groups of contenders at each of our U.S. offices came together to celebrate an official “kick-off” celebration, where 3 Fitbit Alta’s were raffled off to those who came to participate. By 5pm on the first day, D-Riskers put over 1 million step on the board. The competition was officially on!



After the first five days, challengers reached over 5 million steps. Over the weekend, they hit 6 million, and by Monday Oct. 9th, the last day of the challenge, it was over 7,500,000 steps.

The top team, “In Our Palm”, which kept the lead going since day three of the challenge, was from our Maitland Office. With only five people, they dominated the leaderboard, singlehandedly bringing 1.5 million steps to the company total at the end of the challenge. On their team was also the step champion for this quarter, Jean-Pierre Sat, who won by 11,000 steps above the 2nd place stepper with a grant total of 391,444 steps!

When asked what their motivation was, the top team shared their secret: Competing with each other!  By challenging their fellow team members for 1st place in the individual top stepper challenge, they were able to keep climbing up the scoreboard and keep their team above the rest. Some got up as early at 5am to walk, and others stayed up as late at midnight to get those extra steps in.

Jean-Pierre Sat, who managed to take the crown for “Top Stepper”, said that he would even step in place while working in order to get the win. On the last day of the challenge, he put in extra hours on the treadmill at the gym in order to keep anyone from stealing his win!

Each member of the top team was awarded with brand new Fitbit Alta’s, and the Top Stepper, Jean-Pierre Sat, was awarded with a new iPad for grabbing first place with most overall steps.

Just as impressively, Lake Mary, a smaller office with only two teams but serious steppers, managed to come out on top as the top site with the highest average of steps out of all the offices! They were rewarded with a traveling trophy to be displayed proudly for their accomplishment.

Just like the previous step challenge in April, Q2’s Fall Step Challenge showed off just how dedicated D-Riskers are to winning and competing. Congratulations to all the winners! We look forward to breaking record numbers next step challenge.

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