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Mom at Home, Leader at Work

Deadlines upon deadlines, client call after client call, pages and pages of deliverables… Hours seem like minutes, project status calls seem like quick check-ins, department meetings seem like quick huddles, and lunch – forget about it? This may sound a little too hectic to some, but Transaction Management Manager Kim Gangwisch has never been happier. […]

P4 Mentor Program D-Riskers volunteer with XL106.7’s Baby DJ Program!

Throughout December, Digital Risk’s P4 Mentor Program mentors and mentees put their commitment to professional and personal development to good use by volunteering with XL106.7’s Baby DJ Program, a Central Florida charity initiative in which XL106.7 collects toys to be distributed to families that otherwise wouldn’t have a Christmas. P4 Mentor Program D-Riskers led the […]

Presenting Digital Risk’s October Leadership Development Academy Graduates!

We are pleased to present to you Digital Risk’s October Leadership Development Academy graduates! Spanning from all parts of the company, these leaders came together to share their leadership experiences and learn from Digital Risk’s master trainers. The October graduating classes, which included D-Riskers hailing from Instructional Design, Quality Control, Processing, Accounting, Appraisal and more, […]

Getting Beyond the Surface

Do you work with a person who always seems to be helping others? Can you pinpoint that one colleague who everyone knows as the go-to teammate? Do you find yourself often going to the same person over and over for help with a group project? Now, have you ever thought about why this individual is […]

Digital Risk’s PINK Warrior Amy Hix

On a typical day at work, sitting at her desk in the Digital Risk Maitland office, Amy Hix answered a phone call and received the news that no woman ever wants to hear. It was her doctor on the line informing her that she had a precancerous condition and a benign tumor in her breasts. […]

Introducing Team “Digital Risk”!

We are proud to introduce Digital Risk’s new Boca Raton office softball team, “Digital Risk”! Having completed just two games, the team is off to a great start, with a close lost (21-17) at its first game and a strong win (16-7) at its second game! Last week’s victory was a strong showing for team […]

Presenting September Achievers Club Inductees!

We are proud to present our 11 new inductees to the Digital Risk Achievers Club! These inductees will forever be able to boast that they are a September 2014 Achievers Club member. Debuting in 2011, the Achievers Club is a companywide recognition program in which a select group of high performing team members, who were […]

Round Two of P4 Begins!

On Friday, Digital Risk officially commenced its second round of the P4 Mentor Program! Meeting at the Lake Mary office and virtually, 16 D-Risker Mentors and Mentees met to begin their six month journey of professional and personal development. The P4 (Preparing Protégés through Professional Partnerships) Mentor Program is a companywide initiative created to help […]

How Much Can Change in Four and a Half Years?

Four and a half years ago, Sharon Weems joined Digital Risk thinking she would begin her career journey as a forensic underwriter. However, four years, five months and two weeks ago, Sharon made the only departmental transition she’s ever experienced during her tenure with the company, joining a brand new team, known then as Client Solutions.

Pat Ostinowsky: A Different Kind of Growth and Learning

As a strong proponent of growth and learning, we always have good stories to share about D-Riskers’ achievements through the attainment of knowledge. But what about the other side of the coin? What about the accomplishments of those D-Riskers who impart valuable information on their peers? We asked Jacksonville Learning Enthusiast Pat Ostinowsky about his […]

D-Riskers Give New Team Members a Sweet Welcome!

D-Riskers at our Boca Raton office rose to the occasion last month by hosting an office “Sweet ‘n Greet” to welcome their 40+ new team members. With the goal of connecting new team members and veteran team members, the Boca office Social Committee decided to host an office-wide welcoming event complete with ice-breakers, games, a […]

Digital Risk Celebrates its very first P4 Mentor Program Graduation!

Digital Risk is ecstatic to share that our P4 Mentor Program Mentees celebrated their graduation on Thursday! Mentees participating in the P4 (Preparing Protégés through Professional Partnerships) Mentor Program had to successfully complete this six-month leadership program and participate in all program activities, including mentoring sessions, classroom instruction, a community service project, a leadership book […]

Denise Vontobel: Molding Digital Risk’s Future Leaders

How many people have you impacted throughout your career? How would you describe your career path to this point? Touching the lives of over 800 D-Riskers, Sr. Manager of Data Capture Denise Vontobel may be able to describe her career journey as a legacy. Joining the company in March of 2009, Denise was part of […]