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Update: D-Risker Brent Feaser & Family

The beautiful thing about family is that when a loved one experiences strife or sorrow, the family comes together to offer support. No reciprocity or extolment is expected because family members know that their loved one would do the same for them. Such is the case for Digital Risk’s Brent Feaser and the D-Riskers who came together to help their colleague and his family in a time of need.

D-Risker Brent Feaser, U.S. Army veteran

D-Risker Brent Feaser, U.S. Army veteran

Just nine months ago the Feaser family suffered a terrible accident that happens to many families around the country – their home caught fire. Fortunately, the family, including and their dog Max made it out of the home, but there would be many trying days in the hospital and rehabilitation facilities to follow. After learning of the incident, Digital Risk acted quickly to organize multiple fundraisers to donate to the fund created by Mrs. Feaser’s employer, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. D-Riskers all over the company donated funds and time in organizing bake sales, pizza parties, and even visiting the Feaser family in the hospital.

Throughout the second half of 2016, Brent and his family recovered and began anew. Yet the best person to provide an update is actually Brent himself. Here are some words that he wanted to share with Digital Risk and the D-Riskers who helped support their family member:


I don’t want to assume everyone knows me or my story.  My family and I experienced a nightmare on April 25, 2016 as our home caught fire as we slept that night.  Fortunately, my wife, 2 children, dog, and I made it out and we are all ok.  Some of you know the story of the superhero dog, Max, and how he saved my children.  If you don’t, just Google search Max Feaser and you will read news articles, blogs, and see many videos from all over the world.  He is a superstar and it kind of got to his head.  He knows he is a big deal.

I’m writing this not to retell the story.  I know email updates were circulated about mine and my family’s progress and fundraisers and go fund me donations took place.  I wanted to give you all an update myself and say thank you, to all of you.  My wife, Maddox (5 year old son), Zoe (3 year old daughter), and Max (9 year “oldish” German Shepard) are all fully recovered.  Although they really suffered that night and the weeks following during their recovery, you would never know they were in a fire today.  I am recovering still, going through physical/occupational therapy, and am awaiting one final surgery.  I’ve really come a long way and am doing well considering what I’ve been through, but I bare the physical scars of that night. My wife has been my strongest supporter and the kids and dog fuss over me too.  My military family was very supportive, and thanks to some admin help I was able to retire on time after 20 years of service in the Army and National Guard in July of 2016.  My DR family, all of you, has been so supportive from the beginning and it has been overwhelming the support all of you have shown.

On behalf of my family and myself I want to thank you all.

P.S. If you do google Max Feaser, it is Max. Not Maxx.  And he is not a retired police dog.  I don’t know where they got “Maxx” or the retired police dog part from. He was a stray that my wife brought home one night right off the streets of Sanford.  He was in bad shape and had heartworm.  We took him to the vet for the treatments and nursed him back to health. We saved his life.  And he repaid us in a way we could never payback.

CEO Sesha Dhanyamraju awarding Brent Feaser his Certificate of Achievement at Digital Risk’s Five Year Anniversary Luncheon in January of 2017

CEO Sesha Dhanyamraju awarding Brent Feaser his Certificate of Achievement at Digital Risk’s Five Year Anniversary Luncheon in January of 2017



It is important to add however that the story doesn’t stop there. Brent returned to his role as a Senior Analyst Quality Control on the Transaction Management team in September of 2016 and continued to contribute to Digital Risk’s success. In fact, his team recently received a perfect quality measurement from a client and glowing review from a potential new client. Additionally, Brent recently attended a Digital Risk 5-Year Anniversary Luncheon to celebrate D-Riskers who have completed five years with the company.

Brent Feaser superstar dog, Max

The Feaser’s superstar dog, Max

As for Max, he’s still a superstar. His story is still posted to the Today Show, People, The Huffington Post, Inside Edition, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail (United Kingdom), Mashable, The Orlando Sentinel, and many more.
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