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The Woman Behind the Scenes: Digital Risk’s Marketing Enthusiast

Ashley Zych Digital RiskDigital Risk is a well-known leader in the financial services market. We have made appearances at national mortgage events, such as the MBA Annual Conference; sat on prominent financial sector panels, such as the White House Business Council; appeared on popular broadcast outlets, such as Fox Business’ Opening Bell and CNBC Closing Bell; and quoted in national publications, such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Yet, none of you would know about these vital efforts if it wasn’t for the Digital Risk Marketing Team and its Event & Marketing Coordinator Ashley Zych.

Although Ashley now works in the mortgage industry and has gained expertise in the field, she began her career as a Graphic Designer at a design studio. As a lifetime artist and design aficionado, Ashley always knew that she wanted a “creative” job. She attended Ringling College of Art and Design and began to expand her skill sets to include logo design, web site layout, full branding creation and a touch of marketing collateral development. After earning a BFA in Graphic and Interactive Communications, she spent a year working at a design studio learning the trade on a deep level. So how did she get to Digital Risk?

“A friend told me that this mortgage company had an opening in its Marketing Department. I wasn’t sure I would be a good fit, but I gave it a shot.” Ashley said. “After interviewing and meeting the company’s leadership, I wanted in and knew I would be learning a whole new skill set. Two years later, I can confidently say that Digital Risk had a plan for me and this also helped me to realize a new passion in the trade show arena.”

Since joining the company, Ashley has expanded her horizons to include event management, trade show planning, marketing logistics, media relations, social media and… cardboard tetris.

“Oh, yes, the boxes,” Ashley recalls. “It’s kind of a mess.”

dog bed donationAlthough her friends know Ashley as a DIY guru, graphic designer and health food fanatic (check out her health blog), she thinks her D-Risker colleagues probably refer to her as “the box lady.” As the curator behind the scenes, she has hundreds of projects running at once, including: planning and prepping for upcoming conferences, shipping materials in and out for events, securing various vendors at the best rate, managing the company’s social media, supporting company executives at industry events and branding sales and marketing material. On any given day, one would find her with 100 emails running, 100 web pages open, 100 materials around her desk, two phones and an iPad; at a conference, her situation is no different, except the boxes are open of course.

“During the peak of conference season it looks like a tornado came through her desk!” commented Digital Marketing Coordinator Nelinda Acosta. “Her cube almost appears as a fortress of some sort because of the boxes getting ready to be shipped.”

While this may sound helter-skelter, Ashley calls it organized chaos. Amidst the hodgepodge of boxes, she maintains polished nails, high fashion heels, styled hair and a smile. In fact, she even began a personal fundraising project in which she crafts fashionable doggie items to go toward TEARS and SPCA.

“Every time I went to the pet store on the weekends and saw the homeless animals I would get so sad,” Ashley said. “I wanted to begin helping try and make a difference in their lives.”

Although many of you may never see her, Ashley holds a crucial role in Digital Risk’s growth. Working behind the scenes, she excels at branding the company, setting our executives up for success, and raising awareness about the top-notch work executed by D-Riskers. The best part is she loves it!

“I really like this,” Ashley said with a reflective smile. “I am able to continue learning and improving my skills, and I’m growing with a leading-edge company that is making a positive change on the industry.”


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