Leadership Spotlight Logan Payne

Do You Know a Servant Leader? We do!

Have you ever met a “servant leader”? Would you know if you have? Although the phrase ‘servant leadership’ has been around since Robert K. Greenleaf’s 1970 “The Servant as Leader” essay, the topic regained popularity with the essay’s 25th anniversary edition. Fast forward to today, and you will find that one servant leadership enthusiast in […]

Avenash Leadership Spotlight

That Someone Is You: Meet Avenash Singh

According to Digital Risk Manager Avenash Singh, one of the reasons he joined Digital Risk in November of 2011 was its unique approach to the mortgage industry and superior reputation as an innovative company. As a licensed appraiser since 2002, he joined the company’s valuation team, Digital Risk Valuation Services. While his background was in appraisals, Avenash collaborated on projects with various departments including forensic mortgage loan review, mortgage loan originations, analytics, and more. Digital Risk’s culture of invention and openness toward ideas has been just the environment for Avenash to thrive, and he feels endlessly fortunate to have learned from the best.

Leadership Spotlight Kim Gangswisch

Mom at Home, Leader at Work

Deadlines upon deadlines, client call after client call, pages and pages of deliverables… Hours seem like minutes, project status calls seem like quick check-ins, department meetings seem like quick huddles, and lunch – forget about it? This may sound a little too hectic to some, but Transaction Management Manager Kim Gangwisch has never been happier. […]

Leadership Spotlight Adrian Johnson

This D-Risker Loves to Win!

Lake Mary office Sr. Manager of Verifications, Adrian Johnson is most likely one of the best examples of Digital Risk’s Guiding Principle #5 “We love to win.” “I’m a very competitive person… and I’m good with whatever Digital Risk throws my way,” Adrian commented while discussing the reasons for her success at Digital Risk. And […]

Robert Bosch Spotlight

A Genuine Reflection of a True D-Risker

Robert Bosch provides a shining example of the type of D-Riskers that make our company a success. He plays an integral role in cultivating a genuine, humble, caring, fun and yet challenging environment. Since joining Digital Risk four years ago Robert has worn many hats. He began as a processor and has worked his way up to become a processing team manager. Robert’s story is one in which he’s succeeded in climbing the corporate ladder to achieve high goals.

Leadership Spotlight Christina Sanchez

Beating the Odds

As a 17 year old single mother, Christina knew the road wouldn’t be easy, she knew that the odds were stacked very heavily against her. And, if she didn’t know it, there were plenty of people around her telling her that she wouldn’t get very far in life. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but she also knew, deep down inside, that she could make it and that she would do everything she could possibly do to become successful.

Leadership Spotlight: Perry Hochstetler

Inspiration Through Information

You might think a man of few words would fall short in sharing information, but Perry Hochstetler, Sr. Director, Advisory Services, believes strongly that truth and transparency is not only desired but required. Speaking from his personal experience, Perry says, “Knowing what and why helps team members gain a better understanding of their jobs, helps them feel included, and helps them perform their jobs better and have a greater impact on the team.”