Digital Risk Softball Team Summer Season Recap!

Digital Risk Softball Team

Summer Season for the Digital Risk softball teams concluded with a home run! All three teams, Digital Risk 1, Digital Risk 2 and Digital Risk Co-ed placed high in their respective leagues and even picked up new players!

Digital Risk Men’s 1 Team ended the season 5-1 winning first place
Digital Risk 2 Men’s Team ended the season 2-3 coming in at third place
Digital Risk Co-Ed Team ended the season 4-1 winning first place

Although all three teams have placed first in the past, this was an impressive Summer season that didn’t go unnoticed. Throughout the season, about 35 D-Riskers joined one of the three teams, which brings the total number of team members to more than 70. That’s right, the team doubled in size over the past month!

Team Manager and Loan Fulfillment Technology Manager Ginny Blackley is ecstatic about the growth. Ginny was actually a member of the very first Digital Risk Softball Team four years ago. Other D-Riskers who were on the first team include Vice President of Facilities and Regional Development Ron Driggers, Advisory Services Director Perry Hochstetler, Assistant Treasurer Kyle Carroll, Performance Supervisor Bob Bruce and even President and Managing Director Alex Santos!

“Our Softball team is a family,” Ginny said. “We look out for each other.” Throughout the years, we experienced births, automobile accidents and even deaths. The team frequently works together to collect funds and organize efforts to help other D-Riskers in need. Ginny’s proudest memory of the team was when members collaborated to donate funds to purchase a gift basket for a fellow Co-ed team member who had been in a motorcycle accident. This member, Chris Stephenson, actually found out about Digital Risk and joined the softball team through his wife, who works for the company. Chris has since fully recovered and now actually works for Digital Risk as an IT Technician! And Chris is just one of many staff members who connected with other D-Riskers through the softball team.

Digital Risk Men’s 1 Team Coach and Sr. Loan Fulfillment Analyst Angelo Petracca knows full well about the networking opportunities offered through the softball team.

“I would never have met some of the guys and girls that I had a chance to meet through the team,” Angelo said. “I was amazed to see some of our top-level executives playing on the field! It really broadened my horizons.”

The ten-week Fall 2013 Season starts September 3, followed by the five-week Winter “Polar Bear” Season starting January 7. The Digital Risk Co-Ed Team plays Tuesday evenings, and the Digital Risk 1 and Digital Risk 2 Men’s Teams play Wednesday evenings. All games are held at the Seminole County Softball Complex. Registration for the Fall 2013 Season has closed, but D-Riskers interested in signing up for the Winter “Polar Bear” season may contact Ginny at

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