Patrick Lewis

The Thrill of it All

Would you walk on the wings of a plane, flying thousands of miles in the air just for fun? Perhaps you would prefer diving into the depths of the ocean to get acquainted with a great white? Most bucket lists consist of a trip to Europe or maybe seeing the Grand Canyon. But not D-Risker Patrick Lewis, he wants to experience life to its fullest, embracing everything it has to offer.

Growing up, Patrick couldn’t wait to go out and explore the world. At the age of 19, he began his career in the Air Force. Finding his initial job as a maintenance analyst quite monotonous, which comes as no surprise to those who know him, he soon became a B-52 gunner and radio operator, flying during the Gulf War and Desert Storm.

Now, let’s fly forward at mach speeds to the present. While Patrick and his wife enjoy their tranquil home in the scenic mountains of Colorado, he enjoys making an adventure out of his surroundings, including hiking, exploring uncharted areas and other dare devilish activities from which many of us might pass on.

Patrick brings this same courageous spirit to Digital Risk. He loves to win and uses his outside-the-box thinking to create innovative solutions to make that happen. He loves to debate with passion with the goal of winning (and maybe he likes the excitement of the debate just a little). While he may enjoy a good debate, Patrick considers himself very much a loner.

Contrary to his introverted demeanor, Patrick says he enjoys participating in community activities, entertaining colleagues by making silly voices, and even engaging in office potlucks. Patrick says he’s not always solitary and considers communication to be essential to success in this business. Policies and procedures frequently change, and it’s almost impossible to keep up without effective communication. The work we do is analytical and complex, so to constantly challenge himself, he continues to grow and learn every day.


Patrick Lewis

Some of his personal mottos are “things need to be done right or not at all. We’re here to please our clients and our clients are everyone around us; it starts here and we succeed as a team.” Along with his sense of adventure, he is known for his positive attitude. He strives to perform at his best, but more importantly, he endeavors to help his team members succeed.

His advice to new D-Riskers – “It’s always about doing – study, learn, listen, read, but you really just have to start doing it….have the courage to make mistakes…experience the trials and tribulations of being the new guy because being new is so often challenging, get it over with and forge ahead.”

So…what’s next for Patrick? No telling what he might set his sights on, but one thing is for certain, whatever it is, it will be big, daring and fun!

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