P4 Round 3 Begins

Digital Risk’s P4 Mentor Program: Round 3 Kickoff!

Digital Risk’s P4 Mentor Program is back with a whole new set of Mentors and Mentees, and even several returning members! The P4 (Preparing Protégés through Professional Partnerships) Mentor Program is a companywide initiative created to help high-potential D-Riskers in their professional and personal development by pairing them with Digital Risk leaders as their Mentors.

Meeting in Maitland and virtually, 22 D-Risker Mentors and Mentees met to kick off the program and to begin their six month journey of professional and personal development. Leon Lachance, Director of Human Resource, hosted the event explaining what the program entails. Digital Risk CEO & Managing Partner Sesha Dhanyamraju took time to address the group giving his insights on his experience with mentoring and how to make the most out this opportunity.

Lisa Lee, Director of Facilities and three-time mentor, also shared her own experience in the program and why mentoring is so important to her. Other returning members include VP of Origination & Secondary Traci Cox, a three-time mentor; Director of Advisory Services Kathy White, a two-time mentor; Processing Manager Gail Akins, former mentee and now two-time mentor; and Processing Manager Steven Umlauf, former mentee and now first-time mentor.

With experienced leaders at the helm, motivated D-Riskers will participate in one-on-one mentoring, classroom instruction, community service and a book report. Participants will have a chance to “shine in the spotlight” and showcase their learnings to the senior leadership team by delivering their very own book report presentation on John C. Maxwell’s “The 360° Leader”. Check back for updates on the program’s progress.

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