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New Heights for D-Risker Sherry Brooks

Jacksonville TeamThe past year has been one of the best in Jacksonville Compliance Analyst Sherry Book’s life. In just 12 months, Sherry’s achievements have successfully reached colossal heights. Not only did Sherry join Digital Risk in this timeframe, but she is now a first time homeowner! Congratulations Sherry, welcome to the momentous milestone of homeownership!

Celebrate Our Success 2013Sherry continues to reach new heights as her career progresses  with Digital Risk. As a believer in growth and learning, she proves that development can happen quickly and alongside others, as she debates with passion and acts as part of a unified team. In fact, half of Sherry’s teammates on Transaction Management are located in the Orlando office, but proximity does not impede their team efforts, sometimes collaborating on processes and devising alternative approaches without ever seeing each other.

In addition to long-distance collaboration, Sherry is a skilled multitasker, juggling the demands of a full-time job with the challenges and rewards associated with being a single mom of three teenage girls. Her oldest daughter is a senior in high school, her middle daughter a high school freshman, and her baby girl being a 7th grader. Their hobbies and interests vary just as much as their personalities, with one loving music and playing guitar, one an easygoing cool-as-a-cucumber type, and one being a total fashionista, like her Mom, with a particular passion for shoes. Yes, Sherry loves shoes and if you’ve ever seen her walking around the office, you would know it’s Sherry just by looking down!

 “My paycheck is certainly important, but I love this place, I really do. I work with some of the best people. I can’t imagine not having met them. We have a very small team here in Jacksonville, but our counterparts in Maitland make it feel as if I’m right there with them,” says Sherry.

Sherry  has several higher echelons on her to-do list. Her next goal is to become a processor and perhaps next an underwriter.? Sherry plans to “flourish with Digital Risk as the company continues to grow.” A year into her D-Risker tenure, she still looks forward to coming to work each and every day.

Jacksonville TeamSherry attributes much of her accomplishments to the support system around her; her coworkers, friends and her lovely girls. “My faith has helped me get through so much – my girls are very patient with me, they understand and are very helpful around the house. I feel truly graced to be able to do the best I can, and they know the strong person that I am and have become”.  Another to-do on Sherry’s list is to guide her daughters into becoming strong, independent and successful. Every day, Sherry tells them they can do whatever they set their hearts on. Teaching them that it’s never too late to go back to school, she plans to attend Florida State College of Jacksonville in the fall. Go Blue Wave!

So a big congratulations to Sherry on a terrifically successful year! You truly exemplify what it means to be a D-Risker in your professional and personal life.

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