Leadership Spotlight Sharon Weems

How Much Can Change in Four and a Half Years?

Pink DayFour and a half years ago, Sharon Weems joined Digital Risk thinking she would begin her career journey as a forensic underwriter. However, four years, five months and two weeks ago, Sharon made the only departmental transition she’s ever experienced during her tenure with the company, joining a brand new team, known then as Client Solutions.

Throughout the next several years, Sharon experienced tremendous growth all around her. Not only did Digital Risk grow, but so too did her team, teammates, family and even herself. Starting out as an Underwriter at the  Orlando office with a team of seven, Sharon quickly grew to a Performance Supervisor role co-leading about 14 team members, and then on to a Manager role co-leading over 25 team members spread throughout the company’s Jacksonville, Orlando and Boca Raton offices.

Now known as the Transaction Management team, this group of D-Riskers has been incredibly successful, growing their client base and scope to now include Post-Close Quality Control and Due Diligence reviews on recently originated loans. How do they do it? Sharon attributes their success to both their leader, SVP of Transaction Management Chris Castoro, and each and every team member.

“Chris is extremely supportive and provides us with ample opportunity to grow, learn and take on responsibility,” Sharon said. “Our team works well together because we operate as a holistic group, tackling projects together, and taking ownership of what we do. And, of course, we like each other.”

The additional charity initiatives and team building activities that the group takes on also help develop their camaraderie. For example, Jacksonville Compliance Analyst Sherry Brooks leads the team’s Family Promise initiative, while Boca Underwriter Christine Carcel leads the office’s social committee. Recently, the team organized a “Welcome to Lake Mary” potluck for all of the Maitland office D-Riskers who relocated to work in Lake Mary.

“I have been very fortunate to have been part of this team from its inception and appreciate the opportunities for personal and professional growth it has provided me,” Sharon said. “I think we have the best team in the company!”

Speaking of personal growth, she has lots to share. Since joining Digital Risk, Sharon has graduated from the company’s Leadership Development Academy, been inducted into the Achievers’ Club and is currently participating in the P4 Mentor Program as a Mentee. Sharon’s family also grew during this time – literally and figuratively. Her oldest son, recently promoted to a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, welcomed three of his nine children and earned his second Master’s degree. Her daughter graduated college Magnum Cum Laude, and her youngest son graduated high school as a National Merit Scholar.

“My greatest passions in life are my three incredible children,” Sharon said. “They are daily sources of pride, joy, wisdom and laughter. Being their mother is the best thing I have ever done.”

Much has changed in the last four and a half years, and Sharon can expect much more change to come. However, due to do her passion for learning and growing others, one thing is for certain: Sharon and all those around her are set for success!

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