Leadership Spotlight Mary Buczkowski

Meet Digital Risk’s Jack of All Trades: Mary Buczkowski

Have you heard the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none”? The saying implies that by trying to learn many things, one loses the opportunity to master any of them.  Yet, as Digital Risk Cash Management Manager Mary Buczkowski proves, learning is not a zero-sum activity.

Everyone has at least one hobby, right? Mary has eight. Now, to those who subscribe to the “jack of all trades” saying it may sound improbable that she gain expertise in eight areas. Yet, Mary proves that with the right mindset, it can be done and, further, that one is never done learning.

“There is just something in me that always has an interest in everything,” Mary said. “I constantly want to learn more about countless things.”  Let’s walk through her hobbies:

  1. Baking: Although she never took a cooking class, Mary went from watching her Mom in the kitchen to becoming a master chef. She is known throughout the company for her delicious treats. Her creations have even been requested overseas by coworkers at Digital Risk’s parent company, Mphasis.  Baking has taught her to think outside the box and to try new things, which could result in something better.
  1. Volunteering: At 5 years old, her parents introduced her to Rotary Club, resulting in hosting 17 exchange students, spending a year in Spain and volunteering at the organization’s many events. After joining Digital Risk, Mary began volunteering with American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure and co-led the company’s efforts so well that Digital Risk was ranked the No. 4 top contributor to the 2014 Orlando Tour de Cure!
  1. Motorcycles: While Mary likes to joke about being an adrenaline junkie, her motorcycle days initially stem from riding with her family.  As a motorcycle enthusiast, she took her passion to a whole new level 10 years ago when she became a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) instructor. She’s been teaching hundreds of motorcyclists ever since.  Becoming an instructor forced her to overcome her fears of public speaking, as well as to understand that not every person learns the same as the next.
  1. Scuba Diving: After moving to Florida in 1997, Mary found an activity to balance her hectic life style in the form of scuba diving. She finds diving 60 feet underwater a great form of relaxation and meditation. Each summer she explores new dive locations and swims through the belly of old, sunken ships.
  1. Real Estate: In 1998, Mary took an interest in real estate.  Since obtaining her real estate salesperson license, she has held several roles in the field. She also learned the facets required to construct a house and acted as the general contractor for the building of her own home, which she still resides in today.
  1. Physical Fitness: Upon receiving encouragement from her Dad and sister, Mary began participating in sprint and Olympic distance triathlons in 2008.  She uses the triathlons to set goals as something to work toward, both physically and mentally.  Mary now does a couple triathlons each year, and she even convinced her Mom to do a relay triathlon with herself and her sister.
  1. Training Dogs: Four years ago, Mary bought a German Shepherd after a home break-in.  She quickly learned that owning a dog is like having a child, so she explored dog training with Ed Reyes K9. Since then, she has trained several dogs to become house, sport, home protection and police dogs.  Just like a proud parent, she loves to talk about her “kids’” accomplishments on the field and beyond.
  1. Career: As a child of two accountants, it may seem natural that Mary gravitated toward accounting. Joining Digital Risk in July of 2011 as an Accounts Payable Coordinator, it should come as a surprise to no one that Mary thrived in her role, eventually being promoted to Manager of Cash Management.  She is looking forward to her future with Digital Risk and where it’s future conquests takes her.

Mary attributes her passion for learning to her upbringing. Her parents, while being very supportive, taught her that she must never expect to get anything in life but rather to earn it. Mary clearly earned her expertise and actually used each hobby to teach her something to further her career development.

“Digital Risk felt like a home away from home even during my interview,” she said. “I knew immediately that it was a good, cheerful place, that it would allow me to grow, learn and experience new things.” And we are certainly glad that we piqued Mary’s interest!

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