Leadership Graduates

May You Join Us in Congratulating our May Graduates!

Maitland May Graduates

Maitland May Graduates pictured left to right: Bridget B., Victoria B., Carlos P. (Not Pictured: Athena W., Carrie E., Jeff P., Edward C.

As students across America graduated from primary, secondary and collegiate schools throughout May, Digital Risk had our own celebration for our Leadership Development Academy graduates!

Program graduates from our Jacksonville and Maitland offices received their certificates of completion last month. As you may recall from our previous Blog posts about the Leadership Development Academy, the program was developed to empower Digital Risk leaders to ensure that their team members are engaged, leading to increased performance, greater accountability and increased levels of job satisfaction.

Led by Leadership Development Manager Dean Budney, the program  consists of three weekly hands-on, experiential trainings focusing on winning attitudes, our Seven Guiding Principles, coaching, effective communication and time management, followed by two roundtable discussions, providing participants time to put into practice the skills and behaviors that are discussed in the classroom.

Jacksonville May Graduates

Jacksonville May Graduates pictured left to right: Kevin K., Eric R., Eric P., Andrea C., Jason A., Jennifer C., Penda T., Sylvain L.

“I had the privilege to participate in the Digital Risk Leadership Development Academy, and I really enjoyed learning the different learning and communication styles,” said Sylvain Lacasse, Jacksonville Performance Supervisor and program graduate. “It has helped me on a professional and personal level.  The curriculum was very enriching.”

D-Riskers: Interested in joining the program and seeing what everyone is talking about? The Leadership Development Academy typically launches a new three-week class at the beginning of each month. The next class begins July 8 at our Maitland office.  To register for the program, contact Dean at dean.budney@digitalrisk.com.

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