Makoto Web Ninja

Makoto Takes on the Challenge

Known as the “Web Ninja” by some of his colleagues, Sr. Software Developer Makoto Schoppert has amassed a distinguished reputation, both online and off. As a technology enthusiast, Makoto has shared his wealth of knowledge on a multitude of online forums and even created an unofficial Android application for, garnering over 100k downloads. At Digital Risk, Makoto is one of the developers for Digital Risks’s loan underwriting system, LUSY. So what drives this D-Risker to embrace growth and learning?

Makoto believes his drive derives from his mother’s encouragement to perform at his best, urging him to play piano and learn other talents, as well as his father’s idea to introduce Makoto to technology.

 “My mom always strived for us to go above and beyond, to continuously learn and to stay ahead of the curve.”

His Father spurred Makoto’s interest in computers when he bought the family their very first computer, a Packard Bell with a 133 MHz processor, 2.1 GB hard drive, 4x CD-ROM drive and 16 MB of RAM. Yes, Makoto still remembers all of the exact specs to this day.

“Ever since then, I’ve had a passion for software development,” Makoto stated. “I enjoy the challenge. There are always new problems to solve.” Perhaps it is this attitude that led Makoto to Digital Risk’s notorious Fishbowl, the IT room that literally resembles a fishbowl due to its glass wall entrance.

This unique office space has been quite the subject of speculation during Makoto’s four year tenure. So to set the record straight, we present Makoto Schoppert, to solve some fishbowl mysteries:

DR: Why do the developers write on the glass walls?

MS: We like to write on the walls while brainstorming.

DR: Why is the Fishbowl always so dark?

MS: We work in the dark in order to see our monitors better and to avoid the glare of the lights. As a nice side effect, it also saves electricity. 

DR: Why does the IT Development team have so many potlucks?

MS: I actually don’t know why we have so many potlucks. We have one next week; I don’t even know what it’s for.

One infamous feat Makoto attempted was the “Yoder Death Cone Challenge” at the RDV Food Truck Friday Shred-a-bowl truck. Makoto and a fellow D-Risker competed in an eating contest, consisting of a 4-pound, meat-filled cone topped with “fireslaw”, “flaming chutney” and two habanero peppers.

Makoto Family Time“I’m the kind of person who likes a challenge, and I like to see what I’m capable of. I found out the hard way what I was, or wasn’t, capable of,” Makoto said.

As a D-Risker with a propensity for taking on a challenge, Makoto has had many accomplishments at Digital Risk, including building out LUSY, assisting developers on the Mendix team, winning a #DigitalRisk photo contest and being chosen for this D-Risker Spotlight. Yet, Makoto believes his children, 3-year old son and 1-year old daughter, are his biggest accomplishments. He and his wife plan to bestow a sense of drive and passion for learning upon their children, already familiarizing them with piano and technology.

“I like to sit the kids in front of the piano to familiarize them with the focus, but they just bang on the keyboard for now,” Makoto said. “It still sounds good to me.” Digital Risk will have to check back with Makoto in a few years regarding the progress of his future piano aficionados and technology buffs. For now, we’re simply glad to have this intelligent, ambitious and challenge-seeking D-Risker on our side.


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