Digital Risk Leading the Way With Leadership Development Academy


Maitland Class

In today’s world, it’s safe to say that a great company starts with great leaders. Here at Digital Risk, we believe that all D-Riskers in leadership roles should be great leaders, which is why we implemented the Digital Risk Leadership Development Academy training program.

This training program empowers Digital Risk leaders to ensure that their team members are engaged, leading to increased performance, greater accountability and increased levels of job satisfaction.

Led by Leadership Development Manager Dean Budney, the program dives into many aspects associated with leadership. Specifically, trainings focus on:

Winning attitudes

Digital Risk’s Seven Principles as a guiding force

Leadership: the competencies and behavioral aspects of leading a team

Coaching for optimal usage of every team member’s current skills and knowledge

The elements of effective communication and management of time


Jacksonville Class

This is a hands-on, experiential training that takes place once a week for three weeks, followed up with two roundtable discussions, providing participants the time to put into practice the skills and behaviors that are discussed in the classroom

 “I enjoy hearing back from participants about the positive influence the program had on them and on their interaction with their team,” Dean said. “Being a positive influence is what this training is all about.”

So far, 108 leaders have completed the entire program, approximately 37% of Digital Risk’s leadership workforce. Participant feedback has been very positive so far:

 “First, let me say what a pleasure it was to participate in the leadership and management training. I not only enjoyed my time and gained new knowledge; I also came away with a few personal items to work upon in my efforts to be a better leader,” said Jacksonville Sr. Manager JR Ekern.

The success of this program impacts D-Riskers companywide. It is our goal to lead with integrity, provide our people with truth and transparency, foster growth and learning and make the journey fun. Due to the efforts of Dean and the Talent Management Group, we make that goal a reality one leader at a time.

D-Riskers: Interested in joining the program and seeing what everyone is talking about? The Leadership Development Academy typically launches a new three-week class at the beginning of each month. The next class begins October 8 at our Maitland office, and two more sessions begin October 9 and 10 at our Lake Mary office.  To register for the program, contact  Dean Budney, Manager Leadership Development at or (561) 208-7489 ext. 4060.

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