Leadership Development Academy Graduates

Let’s Catch Up with Digital Risk’s Leadership Development Academy Graduates

Since January 2014, Digital Risk has celebrated the graduations of 47 Leadership Development Academy participants from our Lake Mary and Maitland offices! This is not only a tremendous accomplishment for our graduates, program creator and Manager of Leadership Development Dean Budney, and the company as a whole, but also an opportunity for us to reflect on the progress made by these outstanding D-Riskers.

All Leadership Development Academy graduates deserve a big congratulations, as completing the program is no easy feat. Participants partake in three weekly hands-on, experiential trainings focusing on winning attitudes, our Seven Guiding Principles, leadership competencies and behavioral aspects, coaching, effective communication and time management. These D-Riskers then must complete two roundtable discussions, providing participants time to put into practice the skills and behaviors that are discussed in the classroom.

So how have our Leadership Development Academy graduates progressed since completing the program? Have they seen any success from putting their skills into practice?

“Having the opportunity to participate in the Digital Risk Leadership Development Academy is something that is truly priceless.  The facilitator was amazing in his engagement and presentation of the materials.  I truly feel that understanding each person’s learning style uniqueness helped me to be a better Leader and Trainer.  I became more in tune with each person and what they needed to be able to truly learn and to understand what they were being taught.  Understanding what you are being taught is essential to helping you become the success you want to be,” said Processor and January Leadership Development Academy graduate Debbie Suttie.

“One of my favorite lessons from the Leadership Development Academy were learning to work together as a team, solve issues as a team, and especially have fun as a team, since Digital Risk’s 7th Guiding Principle ‘We Make the Journey Fun’ is my favorite principle,” said Forensic Loan Review Analyst Jennifer Padgett. “The trainings about always being positive helped me as well. I’ve begun using the ‘always be positive’ method at home, and it has helped a lot. With two teenage boys, they can take the slightest feedback as negative, and this approach has helped keep our family calmer and, if there are any arguments, they are more constructive. Lastly, the trainer made the class not only fun, but also informative. He was very personable and did an amazing job learning all of our names and our personalities very quickly.”

It is apparent from Debbie’s and Jennifer’s feedback and from the feedback of other outstanding program graduates that the Leadership Development Academy is achieving what it was created to do: empower Digital Risk leaders to ensure that their team members are engaged, leading to increased performance, greater accountability and increased levels of job satisfaction. This achievement could not be possible without the Leadership Development Academy’s creative and impactful learning delivery approach.

“I enjoy hearing back from participants about the impact the program had on them and on their interaction with their team,” Dean said. “Being a positive influence is what this training is all about.”

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