Leadership Spotlight: Perry Hochstetler

Inspiration Through Information

You might think a man of few words would fall short in sharing information, but Perry Hochstetler, Sr. Director, Advisory Services, believes strongly that truth and transparency is not only desired but required. Speaking from his personal experience, Perry says, “Knowing what and why helps team members gain a better understanding of their jobs, helps them feel included, and helps them perform their jobs better and have a greater impact on the team.”

Digital Risk wasted little time bringing Perry on board in 2009. Applying for a contract Forensic Loan Review Analyst position with Digital Risk on Wednesday, Perry was asked to begin his journey at Digital Risk Thursday morning as a Verification Analyst. Ready he was, as he immersed himself in everything Digital Risk and began climbing the ranks just as quickly as he joined them. Within a month, he became a Verification Analyst Team Lead. Perry then made the move into forensic loan review a few short months later, becoming an Forensic Loan Review Team Lead in only 3 days. His ability to move and adapt quickly in the midst of a fast growing and ever changing environment propelled him to take on several roles in the forensic loan review department. Did I mention Perry’s ability to remain flexible? This time Perry would continue the forward progression until reaching his current position as Sr. Director. Right about now, you should be picturing Perry at the front of the roller coaster line at a theme park.

Fall 2013 Softball Championship

Fall 2013 Digital Risk Softball Championship Team

Perry hopes his team members see him as a fair and considerate leader. It is Perry’s belief that his team runs the department; he simply provides guidance based on the feedback and ideas from team members. He always considers the impact of his decisions on the team before making critical changes.

Getting to know everyone on his team is one of the most enjoyable parts of his job. Perry enjoys being a member of the Digital Risk softball team, participating in Digital Risk sponsored activities, such as Give Kids The World and IOA Corporate 5K, and often encourages others to do the same.

To other D-Riskers out there who want to move up through the Digital Risk ranks, Perry offers the following advice:

“Not only must you not fear change, but you must be more than willing to pursue the change. Do not tie yourself to a specific role. Take whatever is thrown your way and grow and learn from every new experience. If you can grow and continue to learn, you will be become more valuable, likely see more doors opening, and be much more easily transitioned into growing opportunities at Digital Risk.”

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