Robert Bosch Spotlight

A Genuine Reflection of a True D-Risker

Robert Bosch provides a shining example of the type of D-Riskers that make our company a success. He plays an integral role in cultivating a genuine, humble, caring, fun and yet challenging environment. Since joining Digital Risk four years ago Robert has worn many hats. He began as a processor and has worked his way up to become a processing team manager. Robert’s story is one in which he’s succeeded in climbing the corporate ladder to achieve high goals.

Being raised in New York, Robert moved to Florida and attended school as part of a college work study program. After earning his Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing/Management, he began applying his talents in various entry level positions.  After three years of working his way through the mortgage industry, he now has professional experience in processing, underwriting, sales, origination, and management; providing him with a thorough understanding and knowledge of the industry.

Robert brought his talents to Digital Risk in 2009, as he chose to return to underwriting and apply his skills to the forensics line of business. He immediately embraced the Digital Risk culture, becoming attached to the people first and the company second. Robert describes meeting “good, genuine people who just wanted someone to listen to them and support them….I wanted to be that person. If I’m helping and supporting them, then everything falls into place. It really is all about them at the end of the day” he proclaimed.

Robert’s team member, Julie McBrien voices her thoughts “Robert is extremely humble and a great human being. He genuinely cares about each and every person; always putting their needs before his own. I have enjoyed working with Robert…and am blessed to call him friend.”

Family PhotoRobert found himself on the receiving end of that type of support as he has been through good times and bad during his 4-1/2 years at Digital Risk. Whether dealing with family loss or becoming a father, his Digital Risk family was there to support him. For example, his wife’s grandmother passed away in the Dominican Republic which resulted in the family beginning a non-profit charity. Each year, Robert and his team send approximately 10-20 boxes of collected items to the Casa Ana, the family house which was transformed into a shelter for abused women and children.

In spite of the challenges Robert has faced, he remains a very positive person and extends this attitude into every aspect of his life. “We all fight things off; we have to accept things in life. Change is just giving you a fresh start, something different.” He enjoys time with his wife and three children doing most everything together from shopping, to movies, to softball games. And during the rare times when he isn’t at work or with his family, you might find him on the golf course.

As for Digital Risk, he wants to uphold the D-Risker culture, continue on his successful career path, engage himself with achievers, and stay focused on mentoring. His desire to identify and help team members grow prompted him to participate in the P4 Mentor Program. Robert believes that, “…title doesn’t mean much. What I am doing and how I am changing the lives of the people around me [is meaningful].”

When asked what advice he would give a newcomer to Digital Risk, he said “Take one day at a time. Be patient, it’s a process. You’re not going to learn it all [in one] day. Be agile and flexible, ready to roll with the punches. You were hired for a job, you know the job, you said you could do the job so don’t fret and find the opportunity in change as it happens.” Oh yes, and don’t forget the positive attitude!

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