Welcome to the submission page for the Elf on the Shelf hunt.

Visit: www.digitalrisk.com to find the DR Elf on one of the many pages on our website for a chance to win!

Each day the DR Elf will provide a clue in the daily morning news. Using the clues given by our very own elf on the shelf, scour the Digital Risk website pages to find where he may be. The DR Elf will be jumping around the Digital Risk website from Monday, Dec 12 to Thursday, Dec 15. He will move to a new page each night, so you only have until midnight to enter. The person with the most correct answers will win a $50 Gift Card!

*Ties will be placed into a drawing.

A message from the DR Elf:
This is a hunt especially for you,
I’m your elf on the shelf please to meet you
Find me to win a prize if you could
So take some time out if you would
I’m hidden away in your sites neighborhood

The Elf on the shelf hunt has ENDED

A message from our elf:
Oh my, my time here was fun
It seems to have ended as quickly as it begun
Thank you for participating you all did so well
But it seems that its time I bid you farewell