Digital Risk's Step Challenge

Digital Risk’s Wellness Challenge Hits 14 Million Steps!

Digital Risk's Step Challenge
In April, Digital Risk kicked off the first portion of our FY18 Engagement Wellness Initiative with a bang! DR hosted a companywide Go365 Step Challenge, with our four offices in Maitland, Lake Mary, Jacksonville and Boca Raton competing against each other for the highest average steps. Stakes were set high, as the top office would receive a traveling trophy to hold until next quarter’s competition, and one of the top ten walkers from the winning office would be selected to win a Fitbit Charge. At the end of the competition the person with the most steps overall, would win a brand new iPad and, of course, be crowned the Step Challenge Champion for that quarter.

Not only did Digital Risk rise to the event, but the company as whole walked over 14 million steps, which translates to nearly 6,000 miles! D-Riskers went over and beyond, competing and motivating one another to step it up. Some teamed up into walking groups, while others worked solo to reach the top. Together, each office averaged between 70,000-100,000 steps by the end of the challenge, truly showcasing our teamwork and tenacity here at Digital Risk.

Step Challenge Winner Eduardo

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While Maitland won the Top Office with an average of 97,567 steps, the Step Challenge Champion came from our office in Boca Raton, where Eduardo Sarnelli took the crown.

It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to get over 40,000 steps a day, but Eduardo pulled it off, snatching the win with 602,885 total steps! When asked about what motivated him, he shared with us about how after having heart surgery in 2011 he wanted to build up his endurance when power-walking or running, since those were things he struggled with after his surgery. The step challenge pushed him to work harder towards his goal of obtaining better resistance in his work-outs.

Competing against others and getting challenged regularly by his own teammates in Boca Raton aided in his desire to do his best and win. While he worked mostly solo, he was able to help encourage others

Step Challenge Alexander Rodriguez

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in his office to push themselves further as well. He would tell them: “Every step counts. Not just for the challenge, but in all activities”. His already healthy and active lifestyle, coupled with longer work-outs in the morning and evening, ultimately won him the winner’s title. Great job, Eduardo, and congratulations on your win!

Another spotlight story comes from Adam Iommetti from our Maitland office, who won the Fitbit Charge and was ecstatic to receive his prize. He landed in 3rd place for Maitland in the Step Challenge, clocking in 267,725 steps by the end of it. During the step challenge, Adam lost an entire pants size, and is all the more motivated to continue stepping daily in order to stay active. No doubt, Adam will be a major contender in the next Digital Risk step challenge.

Congratulations Adam and Eduardo, and the almost 200 other D-Riskers who rose to the challenge in April! We look forward to beating our 14 million step threshold in the Q2 Go365 Step Challenge.



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