Digital Risk’s New Hire Buddy Program Helps D-Riskers Come Together

buddy-programAt Digital Risk, we truly stand by one of our guidance principles, “our people are our most valuable asset.” We believe that it is because of the strong collaboration among team members that the company and our people are able to grow. Due to this belief, we created Digital Risk’s New Hire Buddy Program.

The New Hire Buddy Program pairs new team members with existing Digital Risk employees, or “buddies,” to provide new hires with the necessary information, resources and motivation to enable them to adapt to, and perform in, their new work environment. This is a four-week voluntary program that begins after new team members have completed 30 days with the company.

Buddies assist their partners by providing general information on company systems, terminology and acronyms, department structures, and organizational vision, values and culture. Buddies even help their partners make connections with other colleagues.

Sr. Talent Acquisition Ambassador Amy H., the creative genius behind the initiative has been extremely pleased with the employee engagement in the program. “The Buddy Program was created to assist in the assimilation process for all new hires. It’s refreshing to see the current employees who are stepping up to help their fellow team members.”

This program hosts many benefits for all parties involved. D-Riskers are able to give back to their organization, share their knowledge, hone their leadership skills, make new connections, and gain recognition from peers and management. New hires are able to enhance their awareness and assimilation with the company, and boost their career development and advancement.

A recent Buddy Program participant, Business Analyst Kennishah M., had very positive things to say about her participation as a buddy. “Being part of the Buddy Program is exciting! It is encouraging to see our seven principles actively at work, especially our second principle: our people are the most valuable asset. I feel it is very rewarding to help convey these ideologies to individuals unfamiliar with our corporation.”

The willingness of our people to step forward and help each other is a testament to the culture at Digital Risk. Whether we’re working pedal to the metal on a client project, volunteering at a charity event, collaborating on a departmental initiative, or getting to know new D-Riskers, our people constantly make the journey fun.

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