Chris Bevan January Spotlight

Digital Risk’s Go-To Guy

Chris Bevan Receiving Spirit Award“Ask Chris Bevan, he should know.” Countless Digital Risk team members have heard this phrase at some point during their time with the company. As one of the D-Riskers behind many of the forensic loan review tools and enhancements to Digital Risk’s proprietary loan underwriting system (LUSY), Chris is a go-to guy for data analysis questions related to LUSY and other tools at the company.

Beginning his career journey with Digital Risk three years ago at the Maitland headquarters, Chris started off as a forensic underwriter and quickly excelled. During his time as an underwriter, Chris received Top Performer awards each quarter, was inducted to the Achievers Club (a recognition program for high-performing D-Riskers), invited to participate in the Power of One (mindshare sessions among top performers), and won the Spirit Award (employee engagement award).

“Those early days at Digital Risk were awesome!” Chris said. “Our team would work overtime, crank out tons of loans and work hard, but we did it all together. We were really close, having weekly potlucks, birthday parties and even bowling outings.”

Outside of work, he researched relevant business programs and completed 200+ credit hours of online courses about various programs, including Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Visio and SharePoint. As a graduate from High Tech High, a technology-focused charter school partly invested by Bill Gates, Chris always had a passion for technology. It was in part due to these courses that Chris was able to build income calculation worksheets and other resources that are still used by Digital Risk’s forensic teams to this day.

Chris Bevan in Achievers Club February 2012Once his department leaders learned of Chris’ talents, he was asked to take on his current role as a Business Analyst for a forensic review team and then later transitioned to the Transaction Management team. Since then, Chris has contributed to multiple large-scale tech projects that have benefitted hundreds of D-Riskers, including reconfiguring LUSY data fields and business rules, enhancing and executing multiple LUSY releases, constructing training tools, building out SharePoint for multiple lines of business, and other endeavors that would ultimately earn him the title of “the go-to guy”.

2015 DR Health Challenge “The Transaction Management team is a busy project and requires a lot of assistance from Chris and the other Business Analysts to help keep our clients happy,” said Compliance Analyst Jessica Rozon. “I do not know what we would do without him! I can’t say enough what a humble, intelligent, ambitious, upbeat, honest and great leader Chris is.”

So whether D-Riskers have heard his name or seen his work via LUSY, Digital Risk team members are likely to be impacted by Chris in some way or another during their tenure. And while that in of itself is impressive, the most poignant aspect of his imprint on the company is that all of this is a result of self-learning. Chris pursued his passion with infallible drive and has seen tremendous success and notoriety as a result. Nevertheless, he encourages his fellow teammates to do the same – whatever their passions may be.

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