Digital Risk Boca Office Hosts Charitable Initiative “Chews Life”

We are sincerely proud of the community efforts that are introduced and spearheaded by our team members. At every office, D-Riskers have suggested charitable initiatives that are later backed by the company. One of these initiatives, “Chews Life,” was created by Underwriter Christine C and the Boca Charity Committee. This initiative is taking place at the Boca Raton office and aims to collect donations for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Peggy Adams Animal Rescue.

“I think it’s wonderful that D-Riskers in the Boca office are very enthusiastic about charities and very open to all of our charitable events and efforts.  It’s very easy to encourage people like that,” said Christine C.

Chews Life incorporates item donations and monetary donations to meet the various needs of these organizations. Christine and the Boca Charity Committee creatively formed three programs to collect monetary donations for the organizations. The first program, a Pet Photo Contest, challenges team members to submit a picture of their pet in hopes to win Best in Show, Best Costume or Best Dressed. The second program, Manager Masquerade, encourages team members to vote for a manager of choice to dress up as a child or a favorite animal for one day. The last program, Jeans for a Cause, asks team members to donate money in order to wear jeans for one week. Each program requires a donation of $1.00-$6.00. All proceeds from these programs will be split between the two organizations.

To collect item donations, the team set up donation buckets throughout the Boca Raton office for team members to donate items listed on the organizations’ wish lists. Items for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital include crayons, coloring books, toddler toys, Barbies and VTech toys; items for Peggy Adams Animal Rescue include dog and cat food, puppy beds, flea combs, nail clippers and toys.

The Chews Life initiative will conclude at the end of July, so check back with us to receive updates on donation results and pictures!

Click here for the “Chews Life” flyer.

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