Leadership Spotlight Adrian Johnson

This D-Risker Loves to Win!

Digital Risk Verifications TeamLake Mary office Sr. Manager of Verifications, Adrian Johnson is most likely one of the best examples of Digital Risk’s Guiding Principle #5 “We love to win.”

“I’m a very competitive person… and I’m good with whatever Digital Risk throws my way,” Adrian commented while discussing the reasons for her success at Digital Risk. And the company has certainly brought many opportunities her way since she began her career journey with Digital Risk in 2009. Adrian started with the company as a processor who was determined to be the top producer each day and week. With that mindset, her talent and ability quickly became noticed as she began building upon her achievements, assuming roles as Lead, Manager and Sr. Manager. Adrian set her sights on even greater responsibility and hopes to reach Director level in the future.

Digital Risk Verification ManagersWhat else has propelled Adrian to success? She says her three biggest motivators are her love for Digital Risk, her teammates and enjoyment of coming to work every day. To Adrian, the best part of her day is connecting with her team each morning. In fact, she strongly believes in the company’s Guiding Principle #2 “Our people are our most valuable asset.” She feels it is critical that her team recognizes each individual’s accomplishments and the extent to which they are valued.

In addition, Adrian is a vigilant proponent of building strong team connections by having fun while still getting the job done. One of Adrian’s favorite office events is a picnic with her team, and in-office egg hunts are not far behind. Lake Mary Verifications Manager Amanda McGraw says Adrian “has always been a mentor and leader to those around her. She has always been an inspiration to me both professionally and personally and has been there for me since the day I started processing in July 2009.”

At home, Adrian is no different. She embraces challenges with the mindset that “anything less than achieving my goals is simply not an option.” Adrian and her daughter enjoy activities together such as gardening and Girl Scouts of America. Her daughter recently graduated from a Junior to Cadet! Girl Scout Badge EventShe spends much of her time with her little winners, her daughter and nieces. Adrian raised her nieces as her own children, joining them in Girl Scouts and cheering on the Florida Gators. Adrian calls it “bleeding orange and blue.” Seems like winning runs in the family! In addition to gardening and Girl Scouts activities, she has been on a mission to improve her health, having lost about 70 pounds in two years. While many of us are hitting the snooze button on our alarm clock, Adrian hits the gym at 5:30am most mornings. Can we say victorious?

Regardless of whether she makes it to the top or whether the Florida Gator’s earn another championship (very likely), Adrian will always be a winner in our eyes. All those around her are fortunate to have this ambitious and talented D-Risker in their corner, as is Digital Risk.

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