digital risk co-worker networking tips

Tips: Connecting With Co-workers Via Social Media

digital risk co-worker networking tips

Keeping professional connections is the key to networking. By knowing and having a relationship with your co-workers, you are creating a great resource to ask questions, share ideas and build a network who could give professional referrals if ever needed.

August is D-Riskers Connect Month!

At Digital Risk, we are fortunate to have many team-oriented employees who are also passionate about giving back to their community, and we want to highlight their successes! So during the month of August, we will be showcasing ways D-Riskers connect with one another inside and outside of work.

We are thrilled to share our team members’ stories with you over the next month. We will also periodically share best practices on how to connect and build relationships with colleagues (see below). Lastly, we will be announcing new and exciting initiatives aimed at helping D-Riskers stay connected. So stay tuned!


LinkedIn is the number one social network to stay in contact with your co-workers; after all, that’s what it was developed to maintain. You have the ability to showcase your professional talents and see what the rest of your contacts have to offer. LinkedIn has many groups you can join with like-minded individuals and a system in place to be introduced to contacts you would like to connect with. Another great aspect is the ability to give and receive professional recommendations.  If you haven’t already, you should absolutely create a professional profile for yourself. As you make new connections, you will have the ability to view a news feed on the home page. Here you will see news recommended for you and receive updates when your contacts make new connections, change job titles and post updates. LinkedIn creates an easy way to stay up-to-date on what your professional network has been doing. The trick is to pay attention. Has someone posted a thought or question that may benefit from your expertise? Answer it! Staying involved will help others to identify you as a resource and keep you in the front of their minds when opportunities arise. Digital Risk has its very own LinkedIn group for industry professionals to interact and share what they know about the industry and how it’s changing. Here is a prime opportunity to interact with your co-workers, many of which are already members of the group.

Join Digital Risk’s LinkedIn Group!


Twitter enables you to get quick bursts of information from the people and companies your follow. Instead of sifting through large blocks of text copy, you will get the main part of the news in less than 140 characters. Twitter is also the fastest source of information around. Many breaking stories first appear on Twitter! Using Twitter will help keep you in the know with your co-workers posts and give you the opportunity to respond. Sharing news, industry trends, job openings and professional opinions will benefit yourself and co-workers. Make sure that if you are using Twitter as an outlet for professional interaction, that it is in fact, professional. While connecting with co-workers is valuable, it has the potential to work in the opposite way if you are not careful about what you make public. As a general rule of thumb, keep your private life private.

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