Leadership Spotlight Christina Sanchez

Beating the Odds

Christina Sanchez Leadership Spotlight

Christina Sanchez Leadership Spotlight

We often hear that success breeds success, that those who succeed are “born into it” or that they “inherited successful genes”.  Wanna bet? Are you a gambler? D-Risker Christina Sanchez proves the fallacies in these statements. A manager of NT/Centralized Processing-PLS & Transaction Management, Christina has come a long way since her high school days of being told that she was on the wrong path, that she wouldn’t be able to succeed. Perhaps these comments have been the driving force behind her tenacity and determination. She never wondered, as many of us do, what she wanted to be when she grew up. She always knew she wanted to be a leader, has worked hard to get there, and we’d be willing to bet that she’s not going to stop her upward mobility anytime soon.

As a 17 year old single mother, Christina knew the road wouldn’t be easy, she knew that the odds were stacked very heavily against her. And, if she didn’t know it, there were plenty of people around her telling her that she wouldn’t get very far in life. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but she also knew, deep down inside, that she could make it and that she would do everything she could possibly do to become successful.

Christina’s personal life wasn’t the only thing to get off to a rocky start; her professional life was tough as well. She consistently found herself in jobs that would only escalate the odds, not enhance them. Then, she found Digital Risk, where she began as a part time Data Capture Analyst. In typical Christina fashion, she proved her ability to be a top notch performer and soon discovered Digital Risk would be her fast track to get where she was going. She soon found herself in a full time quality control role and within a few months had been promoted to a lead position. Still working her way up, she went on to become a Performance Coach. She was well on her way but still had not reached her goal of becoming a manager. So she asked for a manager role and, after initially being a co-manager, began managing a team of approximately 100 team members!

At Digital Risk, Christina is known for her compassion, as she prides herself on her ability to listen to her staff, help them figure out their goals and get them started on their own career path. Her passion is her people; she lives and breathes the Digital Risk guiding principle that our people are our greatest asset. She wants everyone to know that success is possible through hard work, growth and learning, often telling her staff to be the best they can be, find a way, work hard and grab opportunities for growth.

Christina is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in business management with plans to pursue her MBA. Oh, yes, and PMP certification is on her radar as well, since she loves assuming project management roles. You must be wondering how she manages to accomplish so much.

“My children are, and have always been, my motivating factors. I want to make sure I give them everything I can and just because I was young did not mean that I was going to fail in life”.

She has this advice for others, “don’t ever give up on what you want, even when the future looks bleak and things are rough, because it’s the people who persevere that succeed in the long run – stay positive and remember that just because one door may close, a million others may open.”

We don’t know about you, but we’re betting Christina has a great future ahead of her!

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