Pat Ostinowsky September Spotlight

Pat Ostinowsky: A Different Kind of Growth and Learning

Pat Ostinowsky D-Risker SpotlightAs a strong proponent of growth and learning, we always have good stories to share about D-Riskers’ achievements through the attainment of knowledge. But what about the other side of the coin? What about the accomplishments of those D-Riskers who impart valuable information on their peers? We asked Jacksonville Learning Enthusiast Pat Ostinowsky about his achievements throughout his four year tenure with Digital Risk, and interestingly, he attributes his success to the growth and learning of others.

“I just love being part of the training process, and I love the impact I make on people,” Pat said. “As trainers, we are affecting lives. If I don’t do what I’m supposed to do or if I don’t do a good job, then I can affect someone’s livelihood, which affects their family.”

Starting his career journey with Digital Risk in October of 2010, Pat joined the training team as the only trainer in the 50-person Jacksonville office. Since then, the office has expanded to house almost 200 D-Riskers, and Pat now has the role of Learning Enthusiast. In fact, for most of Pat’s time with Digital Risk, he has been the only Learning Enthusiast at the Jacksonville office. In all, he has touched the lives of over 500 people.

Practically everyone knows Pat. And whether it be known through a new hire orientation or project-specific training, almost everyone knows an artfully crafted and delivered Pat joke, an anecdote about his time with the company, or a story about his family. So while he mostly works solo, Pat is almost never actually alone. When asked about Pat’s contributions, Sr. Manager of Learning & Development Aaron Levy had this to say:

“Pat has a fantastic work ethic, always giving 110% with every new project he is a part of or new material he needs to learn,” Aaron said. “Pat has a fantastic ability to build rapport with his students right away, relating information to them not only in a way that can be learned and absorbed, but also made real by continuing to help them grow once they have hit the floor.”

Much of the reason Pat joined Digital Risk is the life-balance offered by the company. As a father to his son and step-daughter and husband to his wife of 16 years, Pat is very dedicated to keeping his family happy. Pat attributes this mindset to his upbringing. Born in the coal and steel mill town of Johnstown, PA, his parents raised him to work hard and stay committed to the family. Pat’s parents made every effort to provide him with a better life than theirs, so he strives to do the same for his family.

“Success to me is helping others grow,” Pat said. “My main measurement of success is my family, and my next milestone of success will be when my son is out of college, has a job that he likes and lives his life as a good person.”

It is no wonder then why Pat endeavors so diligently to help his fellow D-Riskers learn and grow. As new team members gain the opportunity to meet Pat, and as he continues to provide a happy life for his family, Pat Ostinowsky will earn that feeling of success each day.

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