D-Riskers Celebrate the 2013 NFL Season!

At Digital Risk, we make the journey fun – especially during football season! Over the past few weeks, Digital Risk kicked off the 2013 NFL Season with a company-wide football potluck!

D-Riskers at the Denver, CO, and Lake Mary, Jacksonville and Maitland, FL offices celebrated the 2013 NFL season opener with football potlucks, competitions and decorations. Denver D-Riskers even added a charity component to their celebration!

Although we may not all cheer for the same teams, many D-Riskers showed their love for the sport last week. Even those who are not football fans at all jumped in on the fun, filling up at the potluck or throwing a football in the Spiral Football Pass tournament.

The Jacksonville office held a fun-filled day of competitions, including a Touchdown Dance competition, Team Food Display contest, Spiral Football Pass tournament, Team Office Area Decoration competition and Best Dressed Team Spirit contest. Pictures from the event are below.

The Maitland and Lake Mary offices both hosted plentiful potlucks with an overabundance of hotdogs, which were provided by the company, and delicious treats. Delicious food could be found around every corner of each office. Check out D-Riskers’ culinary proficiency in the pictures below.

The Denver office celebrated the season kickoff by hosting a Jeans for a Cause Day to raise funds for the Sungate Kids organization. Jeans for a Cause is a fundraising effort created by D-Riskers in which team members donate money to a certain charity or cause in order to wear jeans to the office for a day. The Sungate Kids, a charity that helps child victims of abuse, is supported by the Denver Broncos. To learn more about Sungate Kids, visit http://sungatekids.nationalchildrensalliance.org.

The Boca office will hold their football potluck with hotdogs provided by the company next week, so check back to view pictures from the event!

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