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Talent Management Group Sets Milestone: 197 Team Members Started a New Career Role

A huge milestone was set by the Talent Management Group last month that we would like to share with the entire company; because a win for one team is a win for us all. In the month of June, collectively TMG identified, interviewed, hired, processed, on boarded and trained a total of 197 team members!

This amazing feat was achieved through the collaboration and team work of everyone at Digital Risk. Out of the 197 team members identified: 73 (almost 40%) came directly from internal referrals, 61 D-Riskers transitioned into a new role/position, while the other 136 were all brand new team members starting their new career at Digital Risk.

Antwan Harrington, Manager of Talent Acquisition stated, “When you reflect on the 197 number, think about all that is associated with it. 197 families impacted, 197 career paths or promotions, 197 individuals that have a greater satisfaction in their career.” His team has set another aggressive goal for the month of July, so keep on referring great people to assist them in their efforts!

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